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How to Host a Memorable Virtual Gala

4 Tips for Planning a Virtual Gala Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has put many aspects of our lives into disarray, it hasn’t put a damper on charitable giving. When adjusted for inflation, charitable giving for 2020 is up 2.4 percent. If an in-person gala isn’t advisable in your area, an alternative for your fundraising[…]

4 Ways to Use a Virtual Mosaic This School Year

4 Ways to Utilize a Virtual Mosaic Throughout the School Year The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many schools to revamp how they teach their students and handle their activities. Some schools are experimenting with a hybrid schedule that combines remote learning with in-person classes, while other facilities are sticking with virtual learning for entire grade[…]

Tips for Putting Together Hybrid Events

How to Plan Successful Hybrid Events With no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations and businesses must find different ways to host events. The hybrid event is one alternative that combines aspects of an in-person gathering with online components. Thanks to technological advancements, hybrid events can be just as engaging and memorable as[…]

Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall: The Perfect Tool for Virtual Events

Creative Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Event Virtual events have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year. It can take a little tweaking for your organization to plan and host a successful virtual event that keeps the attendees engaged. Here are a few tips to follow when hosting a virtual event: Use a Comprehensive Digital[…]

How Photo Mosaic Software is Shaping the Virtual Event Industry

Looking Towards the Future of Virtual Events with Photo Mosaic Software Have virtual events started to feel stale, like the same exact thing on repeat over and over again? Do you ever begin to ponder navigating away from what’s happening on the screen as a result of boredom? If so, it might be time to[…]

10 Creative Ways Digital Photo Mosaic Improves Your Virtual Event

What is a Digital Photo Mosaic? What is a digital photo mosaic? Why is it important when looking to accomplish goals for virtual events? Face it. We now stand at a milestone in the history of events. As old event industry norms get washed away by new ideas and concepts, we must look towards the[…]

5 Reasons Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Positively Impacts Virtual Events

How Does Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Benefit Virtual Events? As we look towards the future, why consider virtual photo mosaic software? Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of rapid development and transformation. All business conferences, conventions, and festivals now take place in the virtual world, both here in the states and throughout most[…]

Discover the Best Digital Mosaic Ideas for Online Events

Digital Mosaic: A Creative Means to Boost Engagement for Your Virtual Events Have you considered a digital mosaic for your online events yet? If not, then perhaps now is the ideal time. With events in the states canceled for the foreseeable future, events have either gone 100 percent virtual or some other variation thereof. An[…]

Celebrate Back to School with an Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall

Prepare for Back to School with an Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall What do you think when you hear the term interactive photo mosaic wall? As you know, this is typically the season when schools begin their fall session. Many others are simply finalizing preparations for the upcoming school year. All things considered, this might be[…]
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