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Virtual Event Ideas to Will Keep Guests Engaged

January 13, 2021
5 mins Read

Virtual Event Ideas to Boost Engagement

With virtual events more popular than ever, organizations are searching for ways to make theirs stand out. Attendees appreciate the option to network, connect and learn without the need for travel. This makes it important for companies to gather the best virtual event ideas to enhance the experience. One challenge that some organizations face is how to keep attendees engaged and interactive during a virtual event.

Unique Virtual Event Ideas

Add a Q&A Session

People will always have questions. Make sure that they have a chance to ask them with an interactive Q&A session. To allow for moderation, you may prefer to have attendees submit questions via chat so that the moderator can approve and condense them as needed. Other ideas include a moderated message board or a live chat session.

Incorporate a Virtual Photo Booth

Photo booths are popular additions to events of all types; they’re personal, allow attendees to have a little fun and provide the opportunity for a souvenir. With a virtual photo booth, attendees can take a quick snapshot and then use filters, stickers and backdrops to customize the image. They can then upload them to a gallery to share with other attendees, share them on social media, or use them to print souvenirs from the event. Or, they might use the image to produce a custom avatar. The virtual event ideas associated with a photo booth are endless!

Use Breakout Sessions

It’s easy for event attendees to lose their voice during portions of the event with a lot of people. Some virtual event ideas that promote discussion and conversation are the use of breakout rooms and smaller event activities. A smaller setting is less overwhelming for many individuals. You should also give attendees the option to participate via chat and video conferencing.

Schedule Interactive Games

When considering virtual event ideas, remember to include alternatives that give your attendees a little break. Interactive games are a fantastic way to break the monotony of a lot of info-heavy sessions and promote attendee engagement. Some options include:

  • Trivia sessions
  • Scavenger hunt
  • A murder mystery
  • VR-based games
  • Classic card and board games

Give Your Guests a Chance to Recharge

One of the best virtual event ideas to promote audience engagement is to make sure your itinerary gives attendees multiple chances to rest their brains and engage in lighter activities. If they’re overwhelmed with a lot of info or a frantic schedule, they’re less likely to want to interact with other guests or your event host. Your schedule should provide opportunities for snacks, fun, and conversation. If possible, send attendees a grab bag with some items for these activities prior to the event. For example, you might add a delicious dessert and coffee sample.

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