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Expand brand exposure and social
presence beyond your event.
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Here’s How It Works

Share the event hashthags with your audience.
Using the hashtags, attendees post to social media.
Watch your social wall come to life during your event.
Learn how to make successful events.
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Host a Shareable Brand Experience

Think outside the box and promote your events through social media walls.


Your virtual event should reach more people.

That’s why we created the Social Media Wall! When attendees post to Instagram or Twitter using your event hashtag, their followers will notice your brand. Plus, their post will be featured on the Social Media Wall during your event…in real time.

Social Walls encourage your audience to share their experiences and foster a sense of community, led by your brand message.
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Great moments should be rewarding…not exhausting!

Maximize your reach and increase your brand exposure through your hybrid events. 

Encourage your virtual and onsite guests to share their valuable insights and treasured moments using your event’s hashtags.
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Ready to align your live event with your marketing goals?

Influence more people through your in-person events and boost your social engagement both online and offline!

Simply share your unique hashtags with your audience and form an immersing avenue for them to mention their favorite experiences coupled with their own images!
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Take your events to the next level and pair your social media wall with our…

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Create an inclusive experience for your audience with our fully customizable photo mosaics.

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Capture unique selfies and turn them into fun and interactive moments with our all-in-one photo booth.

Custom Videos

Take your events to the next level and wow your audience with an amazing custom video animation.

Promote Brand Advocacy and Reach a Larger Audience

Create a community of loyal fans and strengthen your social presence. 

Remarkable Events Should Be Fun and Easy

Your audience deserves an amazing experience. 
Plan an event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests without the extra hustle on your side.

Be in the Know!

Capture valuable tips and practical posts relevant to your event or campaign.
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