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Keshot Offers Virtual Solutions for Weddings

February 24, 2021
5 mins Read

In the past year, so many things have changed across the globe.

The pandemic has not only greatly impacted lives and businesses, but has also drastically minimized human connections and affected the way we interact with one other. Despite the challenges and setbacks, love will always find a way! In the face of such uncertainty, people are still finding their forever love, making a lifelong commitment to one another and getting married.

However, planning a wedding now is even more challenging, leaving couples with a lot of questions.  Should we just elope? How can we keep everyone safe? Will our friends and family show up? How can we still have everyone attend and included somehow? The list goes on and on. Making the right decisions and navigating this ever-evolving scenario can be tough.  No matter the circumstances, your family and friends still definitely want to celebrate you!  

With new technology, more couples are choosing hybrid weddings – fusing the traditional in-person ceremonies and receptions with virtual components. With this in mind, consider Keshot’s Virtual Photo Booth and Virtual Photo Mosaic options. These solutions allow family and friends anywhere to be included in a variety of virtual ways, and can ultimately save thousands of dollars by hosting a smaller, in-person event in conjunction with a larger virtual audience. Now you can invite EVERYONE!  

Keshot’s 100% Virtual Photo Booth and Virtual Photo Mosaic allows your guests who cannot attend physically to still be part of your special day. A digital invitation is created and sent to guests where they can interact, upload photos and easily share them on social media. All photos taken or uploaded can be viewed in real time on the social wall and then turned into a customized mosaic of the couple (or whatever image the couple chooses), along with guests’ digital wishes.  This is then saved forever digitally in a virtual album that can be shared as a “thank you” to guests by revealing it via email after the wedding.

Check out our video below:

Keshot’s Virtual Photo Booth and Virtual Photo Mosaic allows couples to create a customized look and feel with colors and themes that match their live event. The possibilities for this new technology are endless; from filters to questionnaires to video memos, this is an experience that can be used in unique and inventive ways. This is more than just your average photobooth and will allow you to create a visual portal where loved ones can collect and share memories. Without the traditional limitations of time and place, everyone can share a memory from your wedding day or past images of their friendship with the couple, creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience and keepsake.  

Keshot Virtual Photo Booths and Virtual Photo Mosaics offer an opportunity to extend the collection of memories far reaching beyond just the wedding day itself. With a simple QR code or clickable URL on your save the date, guests could begin sharing well wishes and wedding memories months before the big day. Our goal is to capture the whole experience, and be able to then offer printing and mail options which even include our classic hardcover coffee table books that share the whole timeline of memories.

Keshot Virtual Photo Booths and Virtual Photo Mosaics are 100% customizable and offer guests the option to:

  • Upload an existing photo of them with the wedding couple whether from the live ceremony or previously taken
  • Take and edit photos by removing backgrounds, adding props, utilizing custom frames and/or animated GIFs and adding customized backgrounds
  • “Take a picture with the couple” – by turning the couple into a “prop” and adding moveable stickers of the couple to images, allowing guests that are not physically there the opportunity to have a photo with the couple
  • Add hashtags that are selected and created by the couple (#CongratsSallyAndJim) and grab and add all photos from social and live wedding to the mosaic
  • Share images and info on social media

Keshot makes the process very easy by offering two ways to integrate. We can provide an actual photo booth at the event that uploads photos to the mosaic live at the wedding or we can keep everything 100% virtual, allowing people from anywhere in the world to take part in your special day and celebration. The couples are the real heroes during this time and we want to ensure they can include everyone in their lives that are special. We designed the photobooth and mosaic so that everyone can be invited, near or far.

Find out more about how we can customize a Virtual Photo Booth or Virtual Photo Mosaic for your wedding,

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