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Interactive Elements to Include when Hosting a Virtual Event

January 13, 2021
5 mins Read

Creative Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Event

Virtual events have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year. It can take a little tweaking for your organization to plan and host a successful virtual event that keeps the attendees engaged. Here are a few tips to follow when hosting a virtual event:

Use a Comprehensive Digital Platform

When planning the logistics of your virtual event, incorporate multiple platforms to increase attendee engagement and produce a remarkable experience. For example, don’t simply set up an online meeting for your event. Incorporate other elements, like a chat room, a message board, and a virtual photo booth. Streamline your online event with a social media page that encourages attendees to share photos and thoughts from the event using a dedicated hashtag.

Your goal when hosting a virtual event is to engage your attendees in multiple ways and expand their excitement and anticipation for the event. A comprehensive platform that provides a streamlined experience makes it possible for you to do so.

Check that Every Event Element Fits the Experience

If you were planning an in-person event, you would confirm that all of the elements are in line with your brand or your organization’s goals. The same needs to apply when hosting a virtual event. Every element should adhere to your brand expectations and your ideal event tone and atmosphere. Your event’s agenda, setting, lighting, music, backdrops, and host all have a significant influence on its overall atmosphere.

Add a Little Fun to Your Event

For companies hosting a virtual event, it can be tricky incorporating fun elements. However, these activities are imperative to encourage interaction among your attendees and improve the overall atmosphere of your event. Few people are excited to attend an event that feels like a meeting.

If appropriate, host a virtual happy hour and send attendees a bottle of wine to sample as they converse with other guests. Or, add a live performance from a local band or theatre group to add entertainment to your event. Invite attendees to participate in live games or competitions.

Break Your Content into Manageable Chunks

Organizations hosting a virtual event want to ensure their attendees aren’t bored or distracted by their responsibilities at home. Give attendees time to address their household responsibilities and discourage boredom by properly managing the flow of your event.

Your event should have fun activities or opportunities for conversation and networking interspersed between more info-heavy portions. When hosting a virtual event, encourage attendees to involve their children in some of the entertainment portions. This will give busy parents a chance to tend to their kids without having to miss out on the fun.

Keshot offers many fun additions to your virtual event. Contact us at 702-819-9618 for more information.