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4 Ways to Use a Virtual Mosaic This School Year

November 18, 2020
5 mins Read

4 Ways to Utilize a Virtual Mosaic Throughout the School Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many schools to revamp how they teach their students and handle their activities. Some schools are experimenting with a hybrid schedule that combines remote learning with in-person classes, while other facilities are sticking with virtual learning for entire grade levels or even the whole school for an indefinite period.

It’s even more critical for schools and their students to preserve their memories with so much upheaval. One way to do so is with a virtual mosaic. A virtual mosaic is an interactive photo wall; the photos are used to compose a larger graphic or logo, such as your school name or mascot.

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  1. Use the Virtual Mosaic to Kick Off an Event

A virtual mosaic is a fantastic way to launch a school-wide event, such as a fundraiser, homecoming, field day, or spirit week. You can even choose which photos you can incorporate into the design.

One option is to initially create the wall using past images from the event and then encouraging students to submit images to add from the year’s activities. Since students may have to do the event from home (such as a virtual field day), the mosaic wall is a convenient way to commemorate the year’s events and experiences in a single location.

It’s also possible to add links to your mosaic wall for your fundraiser or event. This makes it easy for potential donors to make monetary donations or show their support.

  1. Encourage Students to Use a Mosaic Wall to Get to Know One Another

It can be tough to recreate a close-knit classroom atmosphere in a virtual setting. Let a virtual mosaic help you with that. Have your students upload pictures and images that help them introduce themselves to their new classmates and teachers. They can even include written text concerning their likes, dislikes, and family history to go along with the pictures.

  1. Invite School Organizations to Use a Mosaic

A virtual mosaic is an excellent alternative for school organizations and clubs struggling to adjust to limited in-person meetings. It is a perfect place for club members to upload project-related photos and info. For example, some schools have a 4-H club where members raise and care for their own animals. The mosaic wall is a fantastic spot for a student to keep other club members updated on the animal’s growth via images and written captions.

  1. Showcase Yearbook Photographs

Supplement your school yearbook with a virtual mosaic. It’s a terrific alternative for all those photos you want to use in the yearbook but don’t have the space to include. Since multiple people can upload to the wall, it’s easy for everyone to gather their photographs. Students will appreciate having the chance to view even more images from their school year.

If you’re ready to add a virtual mosaic to capture this year’s school activities, contact Keshot at 702-819-9618 to get started.