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Create a Guest-Generated Mosaics for Your Next Virtual Event

January 13, 2021
5 mins Read

How Guest-Generated Mosaics Make Your Virtual Events More Personal

Though virtual events have been immensely helpful for organizations trying to forge connections and encourage interaction, it’s often difficult to replicate the connection and camaraderie associated with in-person events. One alternative to help you bridge this gap is interactive photo experiences, like guest-generated mosaics. Here’s what you need to know about adding virtual mosaics at your next event:

The Creation of Guest-Generated Mosaics

To produce these mosaics, you can use existing photos, have guests submit their own photos or set up a virtual photo booth for your event. The exciting thing about using a virtual booth is it’s fully customizable; you can personalize every aspect, including the:

  • Appearance
  • Filters
  • Backgrounds
  • Stickers
  • Photo frames
  • Sharing options

Your event guests will use their mobile devices or computers to take and customize their pictures using your virtual photo booth. Their photos will then be used to create your virtual mosaic.

You get to choose the appearance of your guest-generated mosaic. Popular options include photographs, company logos and school mascots. As more photos are added, they will populate the mosaic. The photos’ exact positions depend on their colors and the current images in the mosaic.

Virtual mosaics can potentially accommodate thousands of images, or they may be used for a small number of pictures.

How Virtual Mosaics Will Benefit Your Event

Guest-generated mosaics allow your event audience to easily engage with other attendees. When they view the mosaic, they have the option to click on the images and view them individually. Your guests can see the other attendees, and you may give them the ability to add a short message or comment to the images they submit. All of these features help create a human connection that’s often missing from virtual events.

You can add your guest-generated mosaics to your webpage and use them as marketing tools. Your audience may also share the mosaics on their social media pages, increasing awareness and brand recognition of your company and your event.

Over time, your virtual mosaic will serve as a memento from the event. It’s even possible to print out a physical image of the mosaic and distribute it as a souvenir. To find out how you can get guest-generated mosaics for your virtual events, contact us at 702-819-9618 today.