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How a Virtual Photo Booth Can Make Your Online Event One to Remember

November 29, 2020
5 mins Read

How to Liven up Your Online Event with a Virtual Photo Booth

Though virtual events are a safe alternative to in-person gatherings, a common concern is they may be dull, boring, or lack human interaction. Fortunately, a virtual event doesn’t have to be mundane. Add life to your online event with a virtual photo booth. This fun solution will get your virtual audience involved in your event and provide your attendees with fun mementos.

How to Incorporate a Virtual Photo Booth into Your Event

Provide Attendees with Access to the Virtual Photo Booth

One of the top benefits of the virtual photo booth is that it’s simple to use. It doesn’t require an app, and your attendees can access it via smartphones, tablets, or computers. Just share the link to the virtual photo booth with your event attendees.

Once guests have access, give them a quick explanation of how to use the photo booth’s features – don’t worry, it’s super simple! All they need to do is turn their camera on and take a picture. The photo booth’s technology will take care of the rest.

After taking their photo, each attendee will have the opportunity to swap their current background for something fun, like an outdoor setting or custom background. They can also customize their selfie with text and sticker props. Attendees can share their favorite photos on social media, driving excitement for your event. Or, if they want a souvenir from the event, they can opt to order physical prints.

Use the Prints to Produce a Virtual Mosaic

You can gather all of the photos from your virtual photo booth and use them to create a virtual mosaic. A virtual mosaic arranges your images so that they produce another graphic (like your logo or emblem). This is a fantastic memento from your event, and you can embed a link to the mosaic on your website or print a physical copy to frame and hang with your other event photos.

Encourage Your Attendees to Play Games

A virtual photo booth offers more than the opportunity for fun photo ops; it also gives people the chance to participate in live games and activities. For example, your event host might encourage attendees to grab their pets for a selfie. Guests can also turn themselves into animated gifs that can be shared via email, website, and social media!

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