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Creating a Photo Booth Online Unique to Your Event

January 13, 2021
5 mins Read

How to Customize a Photo Booth Online

Whether you want to brighten up a virtual event or you’re looking to add a little fun to a hybrid event, a virtual photo booth is a must-have addition. Enabling guests to participate in a photo booth online is a terrific way to boost engagement and incorporate a bit of levity. Check out a few ways to customize a digital photo booth:

Personalize the Appearance of the Photo Booth Online

When setting up a virtual photo booth, the first thing you should do is customize the appearance so that it suits the tone of your event. Start with your URL; it should always include your event’s name.

Then, check that the font and colors for your photo booth match your event’s aesthetics. Next, turn your attention to the photo booth’s background. If desired, you can add logos and images to the photo booth’s landing page.

Create a Distinctive User Experience

You have a few different options for producing a photo booth online. One alternative is to stick with conventional photos. Your attendees will take a photo, then use stickers and filters to customize it. Or, you might permit users to create a Boomerang (a one-second video of up to five photos) or a GIF that incorporates up to four photos.

Adapt the Frames, Stickers, Filters, & Backgrounds

Another component to personalize is the frames, stickers, filters, and backgrounds for your photo booth online. You can use options that incorporate your company’s logo or your school’s mascot. Or, you can even use a background that mimics a scene from your organization’s grounds. Try filters that incorporate industry-specific items into the picture. The sky’s the limit, so let your creativity run wild.

Add the Option for Sharing & Souvenirs

When your attendees are finished making their masterpieces, they need to be able to share them. You can also customize how your attendees are able to share their images or videos. Some popular options are:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Social media posts
  • An online gallery for event attendees

Another alternative is to allow the attendees to print memorabilia with images from the virtual photo booth, like a snapshot or virtual mosaic. These small keepsakes are effective at conjuring fond memories of the event once it’s over.

Create a Memorable Photo Booth Online

Keshot will help you set up a photo booth online that is customized for your organization and event. Contact us at 702-819-9618 today.