Your Company’s Marketing Strategy Is Missing a Key Component: A Social Media Photo Booth


The most powerful tools in marketing connect your audience to your company. You need something that is engaging and innovative whenever you’re hosting an event that will connect you to your customer through social media.

The Keshot is a social media photo booth that you can rent out for your next event. With this photo booth, you create a positive online image of your business and a fun-filled experience for those attending.

Our team at Keshot has over 15 years of experience in developing and building photo booth technology. We’ve used our custom design to help several businesses have successful marketing events. Our booths come with advanced social media sharing technology. These advancements allow attendees to immediately share their experience with the world.

The Simplest Way to Make An Event A Success

When you rent a photo booth from us, you don’t have to do anything. Our installation process customizes the brand experience to achieve your marketing goals. Our setup is as simple as plugging in the booth to an outlet. You can collaborate with our design team to personalize the experience to fit your brand, transforming both the photo booth and its images.

To access the email addresses gathered at your event, all you have to do is retrieve the database. This process is as easy as logging into our website as a client.

Customized Technology that Increases ROI

The most important impact of our social media photo booths is the fun that attendees have at your event. The selfie station allows them to look back on such a memorable event. Everyone who attended can easily reach the images. They receive an online postcard in their email, see a tweet with a link, or visit your company’s Facebook page.

With a click of a button, your potential clients will associate the fun they have with your brand. Making them more likely to buy from you in the future. Whatever your needs are for your social media photo booth, we’re here to help you meet them. Meeting these needs will help you gain exposure and return on your investment.

Connect Your Marketing Efforts to Your Presence Online

With our social media photo booths, you’ll build long-term and valuable B2B or B2C connections. You’ll become more aware of your social media presence, which will naturally grow as a result of the photo booth. This will allow you to positively interact with clients both off and online.

Our customized hashtags and tagging system help your guests tag themselves and their friends in pictures and videos as the event goes on. Turning your real-time event into online exposure that could go viral.

Boost Online Buzz

Having an online business presence in today’s market is crucial. It’s the way that you’ll attract and keep your customers. The rise of social media has made positive interaction essential to achieving your bottom line. You want to maximize your reach. You can do this by ensuring that every offline event has an online impact.

Our social media photo booth is a great way to achieve that. Social media receives the fun of your event through real-time updates. All photos and videos that they would take anyways would be done through these social media photo booths, ensuring that they’re centered around your brand.

Capture Customer Data and Qualified Leads

Our social media photo booth is a great way to easily obtain customer data that you need. This information lets you target your audience for future marketing campaigns and leads to lead generation.

Our booths can help you obtain phone numbers, emails, and more. We can also customize them to conduct interactive surveys, contests, and sweepstakes or have them collect video testimonials about your brand.

Services That Makes Your Event Personal and Easy

Our personalized services ensure that everything we offer displays your brand. The GIF photo booths are branded to feature your logo on everything from the outside skin to the user-friendly touchscreen.

You don’t only get the power to capture branded images and share them instantly. You also have the power to incorporate other interactive features that help you make your current event enjoyable and your future events even more enjoyable.

We also give you valuable capabilities that allow you to access important data that can make events more fun. You get access to customer feedback and online engagement metrics, so you can plan how to make your events more geared towards your audience.

Features You Can Get with The Photo Booth

When you buy our social media photo booth, you have the option of customizing your experience any way you want. The following features are all things that you can add to your social media photo booth package.

  • Virtual Props. Purchasing a photo booth with these capabilities starts at $700. With Virtual Props, your guests can drag and drop virtual props into their pictures. These props are custom designed to fit with your brand.
  • Green Screen. Purchasing a social media photo booth with a green screen feature starts at $1250. Having a green screen allows your guests to immerse themselves in their picture and your brand. The background transforms the image into a background that you choose and will support your event.
  • Face Me. Purchasing a photo booth with these capabilities starts at $1,500. It comes with a multi-camera 9-camera setup. It is the most versatile option that we have. The Face Me feature offers flexibility to users, allowing them to create enhanced animations.
  • Multi-Camera. Purchasing a social media photo booth with the multi-camera feature are available starting at $5,000. The multi-camera feature allows for guests to become a different person by digitally replacing their face.
  • Slow Motion. Purchasing our photo booth with slow motion starts at $700. This is a great way to help your images attract more attention on social media as the video that your guests make will be in slow motion.
  • Cinemagraph Booth. Buying a Cinemagraph Booth starts at $1200. It’s a great marketing method that takes still images and adds small, repeated movement in them.