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Photo Booth Rental

Selfie Station

August 7, 2013
5 mins Read

Selfie Station Rental From Keshot

Looking for a way to strengthen your marketing strategy? Do you have a corporate event that is in need of enlivening? Are you attempting to capitalize on brand recognition and B2C marketing through social media? The answer is: rent a selfie station!

With a Keshot social media photo kiosk, you can achieve all the above and more! Our company specializes in custom selfie station rentals that are designed to make any planned event magical and memorable. By aligning your brand with our technology, you create a fun experience which doubles as a powerful marketing tool. Our services support your entertaining experiential and effective social media marketing so that you can maximize your brand to its fullest capacity.

Encouraging Engagement Through Photo Booths

As a company, it is imperative that your consumers are engaged with your products, services, and activities. An apathetic audience is synonymous with an unreliable customer. Thus, you need to create instances of strong engagement, where your audience is actively enrapt and interfacing with your brand.

One of the best ways to encourage this relationship is through our portable photo kiosks. Keshot’s photo services provide a fun and engaging conduit between company and consumer. Our photo booths are fun, with whimsical features and advanced technology that your customers are sure to love.

The kiosks are also designed to interlay the experience between audience and business. This is accomplished by branding the kiosk with your own personal logo and message. By connecting a fun activity with your company’s logo, our selfie station photo booths help you create a positive means for further engagement.

selfie station fun

Social Station Rental Cost

When you buy our social media photo booth, you have the option of customizing your experience any way you want. The following features are all things that you can add to your social media photo booth package.

  • Virtual Props. Purchasing a selfie station with these capabilities starts at $700. With Virtual Props, your guests can drag and drop virtual props into their pictures. These props are custom designed to fit with your brand.
  • Green Screen. Purchasing a selfie station with a green screen feature starts at $1250. Having a green screen allows your guests to immerse themselves in their picture and your brand. The background transforms the image into a background that you choose and will support your event.
  • Face Me. Purchasing a selfie station with these capabilities starts at $1,500. It comes with a multi-camera 9-camera setup. It is the most versatile option that we have. The Face Me feature offers flexibility to users, allowing them to create enhanced animations.
  • Multi-Camera. Purchasing a selfie station with the multi-camera feature are available starting at $5,000. The multi-camera feature allows for guests to become a different person by digitally replacing their face.
  • Slow Motion. Purchasing our selfie station with slow motion starts at $700. This is a great way to help your images attract more attention on social media as the video that your guests make will be in slow motion.
  • Cinemagraph Booth. Buying a Cinemagraph Booth starts at $1200. It’s a great marketing method that takes still images and adds small, repeated movement in them.

Maximizing Fun Through Photo Kiosks

There is nothing quite as timeless as a photo booth. With the power to capture a spontaneous moment, the photo booth will always be a great way to collect memories. What this means for you as a business is an opportunity to create a positive association between the experiential and the company’s event.

By using our products, you integrate the fun and merrymaking that is associated with photobooths. We use products and services that further a general feeling of creative whimsy such as:

  • Photo styling with silly, custom-designed digital props
  • Spontaneous and quirky movement captured in animated GIF booth
  • Digital head-and-body swap with Face-Me service

When it comes to creating a fun and positive experience, Keshot is here with all your photo kiosk needs.

Commemorate Your Event with Customizable Keepsakes

A great party is defined by many things, but it’s mostly defined by its party favor. Memories may fade, but souvenirs are forever! This is why a Keshot photo is a great way for your guests to craft their own personalized party favors. Their photos act as commemorative tokens that immortalize the event alongside your custom message and logo.

When it comes to souvenirs, our services extend beyond the digital sphere. We also offer digital printouts. These printouts are digitally stamped with a high defined quality. Thus, your event will be equipped with a personal and well-made souvenir system. Even more so, your audience now has a physical reminder of the event and your company. This reminder is a great indicator for establishing further brand loyalty and advocacy.

Turn Your Customers and Audience into Brand Advocates With Selfie Station Events

Our selfie station rental service is not only fun but transforms your audience into brand advocates! How? By interconnecting your audience’s pictures with your company’s brand through the photo kiosk.

This photo, once uploaded to their social media, becomes the digital word of mouth approval from the customer. This advocacy is imperative in our modern age. A report by Nielsen revealed that 81% of consumers are influenced by the posts of their friends and family. That is a lot of influence amassed by one post. Thus, by using our product, you are engaging in a service that will vastly expand digital word of mouth marketing.

Get Your Brand Trending Through Social Media

According to another study conducted by Nielsen, a customer is 43% more likely to buy a product if they discover it on social media. So, in this modern age, it becomes imperative to capitalize on social media traffic. Keshot accomplishes this by having our photo kiosks easily connect to the internet.

Through this connection, we allow your audience to easily upload and post their content online. By posting these photos, they are enforcing your brand and helping further your digital marketing. This also advertises your offline event and brings it into the online world.

Through our photo kiosks, you give your audience and business the opportunity to take part in a massive advertising campaign.

Use Our Products to Collect Information About Your Client Base

Our world is run by data. Companies, economies, even small households are reliant on digital data to prolong their existence. Through Keshot’s specialized data collection, our photo booths can capture and organize critical consumer information. This information includes email addresses, the metrics for online engagement, and even consumer feedback.

Our state of the art collection system will aggregate and organize the data for ease of use. This information will not only decipher your company’s present analytics, it can also lead your company into the future. This is because the data collected in our photo kiosks includes new recipient addresses. These addresses are the building blocks for lead generation and the groundwork for future marketing campaigns. Through our selfie station rental service, your company can lay the foundation for a successful future.

Our Team Is Here to Help

At Keshot, we want to help your company realize its marketing potential. Our staff is prepared to do everything possible to ensure your selfie station rental is a success.

Our service providers have the training and skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The design team has over fifteen years of experience in developing personal photo kiosk technologies. They will work tirelessly to achieve your companies vision for the brand. If you would prefer to use your own design team, our staff are also great at collaborating and working with you to fulfill your needs.

Once the design is completed, we incorporate a hassle-free installation process. This way, there is no worry of failure to launch. Try our on-site technicians to intervene in case of an emergency.

Keshot Offers Products on a Global Scale

We believe that every company deserves the ability to strengthen their brand. Thus, our mission is a global one. This is why we offer our worldwide services to the United States (check the locations here), Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Get a Quote Today!

At Keshot, we have been in the business for over fifteen years, and we’ve spent that time fine-tuning our process to perfection. If you want to maximize your brand, create a memorable experience, and engage the entirety of your audience, then our service is the one for you!

Request a quote today and we will give you our pricing deck within minutes. If you have any questions, you can always call us at ☎ 702-819-9618