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A Social Media Photo Booth With An Edge

February 27, 2012
5 mins Read

When you hear the word ‘photo booth it’s easy to imagine the traditional photo-booth, with a red curtain and a ripped up leather seat. That version of a photo booth has been transformed by Keshot. We offer a completely innovative, interactive and fun-filled photo booth experience with a social media edge! Some of our clients utilize our photo booths to leverage their social media presence to reach their customers, creating powerful connections and building buzz for their brands.

In fact, one of Keshot’s most commonly requested service is the ‘Facebook Fan Capture’, which allows users of our photo booth to upload their pictures directly onto your Facebook Fan Page. We also offer Facebook Direct and Twitter Direct which is a seamless way for users to upload images of your event onto their personal Facebook or Twitter account. This generates first hand endorsements of your brand that resonate far beyond the day of the event.

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