Create a Winning Marketing Strategy with our Portable Photo Kiosks

Photo Booth Capabilities: Keshot has achieved outstanding results for top companies across a multitude industries. We partner with you to exponentially increase your event reach and brand exposure by connecting your experience to your social media marketing strategy. Keshot is dedicated to ensuring the success of your marketing efforts by turning audiences into brand advocates. Our full-service event technology solutions provide you with a hassle-free way to give your guests a fun and memorable brand event that can be shared with friends and family.

Photo Booth Capabilities

Keshot Kiosk

Enjoy the portable and easy-to-use Keshot kiosk that is custom-designed for seamless integration with your event theme and company image. Our in-house development team creates a graphical user interface (GUI) and branded photo booth that showcases your logo and messaging. We also offer complete logistical and technical support throughout your event, and we handle all aspects of setup, installation, breakdown and transport.

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Our Animated GIF photo booth takes and combines a set of photos, which can be immediately uploaded to the web or displayed via a plasma screen or projector.

Green Screen

Let your event guests immerse themselves in your brand experience by taking photos against a green screen background. Green screen event photos with effects and filters transform standard images into fun, unique ones that customers will cherish long after your event is over. Green screen photos are digitally customized with event-themed backgrounds that can also include your company’s logo and branding. Every time people share their photos online, they are immediately associated with your brand.

Multi Camera Station

Multi cameras on a 180 or 360 degree rig produce dazzling 3D-style videos when all cameras capture the moment simultaneously that guests love to instantly upload and share online.This multi camera setup is the ultimate image capture and sharing option in its class.

Keshot Paparazzi

Make every guest feel like a star with Keshot Paparazzi a new feature that captures the excitement of the moment with your own professional photographer. The photographer can upload every photo and/or video snapped to a social media photo kiosk or tablet directly from the camera. Your guests can then retrieve, print, or share their photos at their convenience.


Expand your opportunity to interact with event guests when you allow them to star in a video. Our team customizes video technology to suit your unique activation. With many video features to choose from, you can roll camera for web streaming or HD quality, various aspect ratios, and for any length of time you desire. We can make it happen.

Photo Booth Custom-Designed Skin

Seamlessly integrate your social media photo booth into your event with a custom skin that highlights your event theme and branding.

Professional Photo Printouts

Give your guests a memorable takeaway to show their family and friends with event-themed and branded instant photo printouts. Our team can supply onsite printers, high-quality paper and inks as part of your social media photo booth package.

Digital Props

Make your guests’ brand experience even more unforgettable with drag-and-drop digital props for their photo booth pictures. Event-themed props are custom-designed and the photo booth effects are as limitless as your imagination; from a pair of glam shades, to fancy hats, mustaches, ruby red lips, and more.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Build meaningful brand exposure when guests upload photos and/or videos of themselves that include your logo and hashtag to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile.

Facebook Event Album

Instantly upload pictures from the social media photo booth directly into your Facebook Event Album on your brand’s fan page, driving traffic to your online presence.

Roaming Photo Booth

Get all the same capabilities as a portable photo station with a roaming photographer.
Expand the boundaries of image-sharing interactivity to wherever you want to take it.

Hashtag Printing

Instagram Hashtag Printing is a Keshot feature that aggregates your attendees’ Instagram photos with your event’s unique hashtag. Branded images are printed out and/or shared on various social media platforms from a Keshot kiosk or tablet.


Create an amazing experience by allowing your guests to virtually become a character of your choosing by digitally replacing their face. Guests love selecting a persona and sharing the remarkable image with their friends via Facebook or Twitter; this creates a buzz about their experience and with your brand.

Surveys, Contests, and Sweepstakes

Obtain customer insights and demographics when you include an online survey as part of your guests’ photo sharing experience. Contests and sweepstakes can increase engagement when added to the Facebook Event Album.

Email Database

Collect valuable customer data with an email database of guests’ and recipients’ addresses for lead generation. Plus, receive metrics of social media photo kiosk usage and impact.

Social Wall

Real-time social wall that displays everyone’s pictures plus their Twitter and Instagram shares on a plasma screen or wall projector.

Onsite Event Specialist

Enjoy an easy way to make your event a blast with turnkey installation and set-up, completely handled by our team. Technical support is available throughout your event and our experienced brand ambassadors ensure your guests receive the optimal video and/or photo sharing experience.