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Being Social in a Social Media World

December 13, 2012
5 mins Read

Recently, Keshot Photo Booths took part in an event for event planners, BizBash in New York City. The initial value for us was meeting people and building relationships with a community of industry trendsetters. It’s important to add, this was also an opportunity for us to reveal our new offering the Interactive Overlay in a friendly setting. While this may appear to be a typical sales scenario, the outcome is a greater understanding of event planners needs to integrate social media into their events. Making the effort to learn what event planners are creating for their clients changed the social media focus to being social.

Like any good marketer or event planner, we had a plan for this event. Introduce the Virtual Props by creating an event theme around the offering, a Night Out in New York virtual experience complete with virtual props and a shot glass giveaway for every user of the photo booth. Using the catch phrase, ‘Have a virtual New York Sex in the City experience,’ we sparked the interest of anyone passing our display at BizBash. (Click here for an example of Photo Booth images with Virtual Props.)

Having planned an experience, really paved the way to generating the initial engagement with the event attendees, and the result is an opportunity to start a conversation. While at the photo booth, professionals of the event planning industry partake in a virtual experience; an experience filled with imagination, originality and humorousness. Some shared their concerns about how social media can be effectively integrated into an event, others spoke of upcoming events that would benefit from having and entertaining approach to social media at the event. Overall, each conversation was an opportunity to share ideas and discuss how having a unique event solution with photo booth effects will increase their clients’ followers in the social media community.

After BizBash, we realized we had an ‘aha’ moment that the importance of being social should not be overlooked in an industry driven by social media practices. Whether you are attending an industry event or the organizer of a client’s event, one-on-one social engagement is the first step to building a social media community of customers both for your clients and your company.