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Photo Booth Rental

LA Photo Booth Rental

June 25, 2014
5 mins Read

If you want to ‘wow’ your guests in the City of Angels, Keshot is proud to offer top-quality and cutting-edge technology photo booth rental in Los Angeles. We are certain that your event will stand out with our incredible equipment, props, and software. With years of LA photo booth rental experience, our process is streamlined and polished so you, the gracious host, can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

Keshot’s LA photo booth rental for corporate events including launch parties, trade shows, and executive parties is ideal because we tailor our services to suit your brand in order to help your company gain exposure in a fun and unique way! If you’re interested in a photo booth rental in Los Angeles proudly represent your business by adding a custom skin on your Keshot photo booth.

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Social Media Week Los Angeles: Tips on How to Prepare for This Major Event

The organization behind Social Media Week holds three core values toward its overall mission: collaboration, content, and conversation. As the social media industry’s largest global conference, held only twice a year, this conference is a chance for companies to establish themselves among the industry elite. An ever-growing medium of communication, social media has become a source for information worldwide.

This makes perfect sense why a conference like Social Media Week LA exists. While providing brands with unique ways to engage with industry hot-shots and influencers from around the world, Social Media Week LA has a much larger beneficial aspect; it becomes a hot-spot for industry information. Social Media Week is a win-win situation. With 36,000 people in physical attendance and over 200,000 linked in viral attendance, we have that network of +/- 270,000 to reach. After all, social media is as much about chance as it is the product you are marketing.

So how do we prepare for something like Social Media Week LA? There should be a well-rounded approach and strategy when attending such events. Ask questions such as: Why are you going to this particular event for? What are you trying to gain? Here are some tips from that may help in preparation for a conference or similar event.

Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental

1. Want it:

These goals should be present prior to attending the event. It may be difficult to attend a conference going in blind. Likewise, having unrealistic expectations for an outcome could lead to disappointment. Setting goals around desired knowledge or tools to later implement is important. Don’t think of them as much as an outcome or gain, rather have something to guide decision making. Also, it is wise to not solidify any goals, some of the best gains result from spontaneity.

There are more obvious questions while setting goals, than other such as; what do you want to get out of it? How many attendees do you want to stop at your booth? But when the idea behind attendance is building a following and clients ask questions such as; how many leads do you hope to generate? How many products do you want to sell? Are you focusing on promotion or hoping to launch a new product? Having more than one goal is fine when remembering that a clear idea about the participation of a conference is achieved. This is when the philosophy, hope for the best prepare for the worst comes in handy. Would attendance be justified by only one new client? If so a goal may be to attain a closer relationship with that particular client.

2. Know it:

It’s all about choosing the right event to attend that will give a business the best return. This return should also speak to the goals that have been set. Knowing what the look of the floor is going to be, trying to outshine companies, with similar products, at a lavish and flashy tradeshow might not help with reaching overall goals.

Choose a trade show, or event, that best targets the audience for the product/business. Will this audience be best for reaching the participation goals that may have been set? Find out the particular trade show’s objectives, and research and evaluate the show’s audience. The more research on the event and the attendees, the more likely a business will reach the potential for the goals established.

3. Own it:

Overall quite necessary, after all, an event is only as productive as the experience itself. And since the outcome is generally in the hands of the business attending, there should be some sense of responsibility taken. When on the event floor, if there is a stagnant atmosphere, or if nothing new is being learned, then take action. Get up and move around. It may not be possible to move a booth at an event, but switching shifts with manning the battle station are okay. Get up and talk to the people. This is a golden opportunity to expand networks and create business friends, and regular friends for that matter.

Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental

4. Plan it:

While researching, browse over the event schedule. This will help in planning for attendance. Things to look out for: keynote speakers, presenters, as well as the session definitions. Create a personal schedule based on the overall event schedule. Things happen, and it is easy to lose track of a plan when in the middle of a conference. Do not fret, having a predetermined agenda will keep the pace moving as steady as possible.

Have an idea for a budget. This includes knowing the pricing of attendance for both the conference and the booth for the tradeshow if they are one in the same. Find the location for the trade show floor, paying close attention to the following: neighboring exhibits, the volume of traffic, and physical conditions of the booth space, like lighting.

5. Engage it:

Making an effort goes a long way when attended a trade show and/or conference. The initial value in attending a conference is in the relationships built. Meeting people is key, even if the little turn around comes from the overall experience, count on at least having one networked relationship. Make an effort to meet new people. Why not create some sort of short list of particular people listed that may be beneficial to meet?

Since this is a planned effort, let followers, partners, and clients of the business knowledge of the upcoming event. It would be a great opportunity to spread the word and do some advertising before the conference. Be sure to give them all the details, such as the booth number and location. Post on social networks and the business website. Anywhere there is a free advertisement. opportunities, take them.

6. Prioritize it:

Though attending these types of promotional and marketing affairs are meant to be fun, and they are, work still needs to get done. There is still a business running while attending a conference, so there needs to be a realistic approach to time. Try not to overfill the schedule set or any agendas that need to be met. Doing so may result in a mess at work after the conference, or missing spontaneous meetings during the event. Balance work and play.

Set up shifts so that no one person attending the conference/trade show is doing all the work or no work at all. This is a collaborative effort, so everyone in attendance should be bringing something different to the table. Having a balanced team attend to make the process seem effortless once there. Remember why the business is there in the first place. And always be ready for something to change the plans set. What is most important? And, where is the nearest bathroom? That last part was meant to be a joke but actually may come in handy.

Having the sense to maximize the event experience will aid in accomplishing the tips provided, and a general productive outcome for any business. When in doubt, offer the crowd a prize, people love the free stuff they hardly have to work for. Social Media Week LA holds three core values toward its overall mission: collaboration, content, and conversation. These can actually be representative of any conference or trade show. Want it, Know it, own it, Plan it, Engage it, prioritize it, but don’t forget to Remember it. Take a picture, post at events to social media platforms and always follow up promptly with the relationships made at the event. The Early bird gets the worm.

Stay tuned for a follow up from Keshot on these tips, and how we accomplished a successful Social Media Week LA conference. Each one of these tips has the potential to individually produce a successful event. Though collectively they work best, if one is executed outstandingly, then there should be no reason to miss out on the success of attending a trade show or conference.

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