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Now You Can Get a Portable Photo Booth and Still Capture Unique Branded Images

July 19, 2013
5 mins Read

Even though Keshot’s portable photo booth kiosk is designed for easy installation anywhere at your event, we know that split-second eyewink by the company’s CEO or the event entertainer’s crazy funny moments on stage can’t always happen in front of a kiosk.

So we’ve decided to take the mobility of the photo kiosk to new heights!

Now with our new portable photo booth products; Keshot-on-a-Tablet and KeshotPaparazzi, you can capture dynamic interaction at your event as it happens, and still benefit from all the same technology features as the photo kiosk.

The new Keshot-on-a-Tablet is like a portable photo booth without the photo booth. A brand ambassador or other event host can circulate freely in the crowd offering people the chance to capture all the fun with their friends and colleagues with your brand through a photo or video featuring your logo and messaging.

The images can be shared on social media or by email, uploaded to a gated online gallery on your brand’s Facebook page, and even printed out for a memorable keepsake that event attendees can take home.

Plus, the popularity of tablets is a great attraction to get people excited about participating and gives you a much more complete picture of the entire event as it happens.

KeshotPaparazzi takes the portable photo booth to a whole new level, with a professional photographer that snaps photos of your guests anywhere at your event. This is a great way to get the highest quality photos while making your guests feel like celebrities. And who doesn’t like receiving red-carpet treatment?

All of the photos generated by KeshotPaparazzi are transferred to a photo kiosk so they can include all the same features such as social media & email sharing, custom branding, and printouts. And of course all the fun stuff like the drag-and-drop virtual props of our Interactive Overlay and gated compilation in our Facebook Event Album on your fan page.

Keshot’s new portable photo booth products create unlimited possibilities for all the likes, followers and shares you can gain by adding interesting and branded user generated content to your online presence. Increase your loyalty and trust with your audience when people see other people having fun at your company’s event.

And don’t forget, you can also collect customer feedback with surveys, contests and sweepstakes, as well as email addresses of all your event attendees to keep them updated on your latest news, events and future marketing efforts to keep them coming back for more.