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Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall: The Perfect Tool for Virtual Events

September 12, 2020
5 mins Read

What is an Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall?

What do you think of when you hear the term interactive photo mosaic wall? How does this apply to the virtual world? As events and public gatherings continue to shift to the virtual space, we vehemently search for new ways to market events. We must simultaneously deliver captivating and profound experiences while confronting new challenges in a blooming industry. An interactive event wall is a symposium for hosting digital event pics. Let’s examine how an interactive photo mosaic wall works and the value it brings.

Why Is an Interactive Photo Experience a Strong Marketing Tool?

What do you think when you hear the term “marketing tool?” A marketing tool is defined as “a product, promotional strategy or action that a company uses to develop and promote its products or services.” When it comes to marketing tools, the best question to ask is what will most easily and effectively help you accomplish your key business objectives? Let’s examine why an interactive photo mosaic wall is an effective marketing tool tailored towards the 21st century.

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How an Interactive Event Wall Delivers Meaning & Value

How can we create meaning and value in order to yield a successful marketing strategy? We need to figure out how to best accomplish our benchmarks in a straightforward and steadfast way. Statistically speaking, events provide one of the most effective promotional strategies. Given the massive cutback of in person events, virtual events now dominate the industry. They are only expected to exponentially grow over the coming years. An interactive event wall full of digital event pics (interactive pictures) will help bring your virtual event to life.

Use an Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall as Part of Your Virtual Event Strategy

For businesses seeking to continue to grow and maintain engagement with audiences, a  virtual event strategy powered by marketing is a fundamental must have. In order to accomplish this, you must be able to create a memorable experience for audiences and simultaneously engage them in your offering. Statistically speaking, because of relatively low production costs, virtual events are generally priced comparably lower than in-person events. When strategically used, a virtual event can substantially improve a business’ performance and help them reach specific benchmarks.

A photo interactive experience is a great place for guests to come network and engage with other attendees as well as the event hosts or participants. Herein they can share digital event pics and form tight-knit bonds with their new colleagues in the virtual world. As they begin to know one another via their interactive pictures, they will start to cohesively form a tight-knit digital community. Moreover, interactive event wall is a highly effective way for large groups of people to communicate. Altogether, this helps them form bonds making it an ideal interactive experience for massive virtual summits or symposiums.

Why do you or your organization personally choose to attend events? What outcomes do you wish to accomplish? Begin to look at the best ways to achieve your objectives. Utilize technologically powered tools that significantly help improve the overall event experience.

Why an Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall Powerfully Impacts Virtual Events

Virtual events are seeing unparalleled numbers compared to the previous attendance of in-person events. In large part, this is because virtual events are open to a worldwide audience. This allows them to reach more people than ever before. More than 500,000 people attended Adobe’s first virtual Summit in the spring. This is roughly 16 times the attendance the company had experienced at their annual in-person event!

In addition to businesses, buying choices from purchasers are also largely influenced by webinars. “According to a survey by Demand Gen Report, 76% of B2B buyers have used webinars in the past 12 months to make a purchase decision.” This powerfully demonstrates that webinars and summits are more compelling than we had previously imagined and should therefore always be included as part of a successful marketing strategy.

Conclusion: Why Choose an Interactive Photo Experience?

When turning to virtual events, there are some important considerations to take into account. Firstly, you want to engage with attendees before, during, and after the event. If you can create a sense of human connection through virtual events, that’s a true accomplishment. These can be delivered through highly personalized communications and experiences. Great virtual events successfully provide a message that feels both universal and highly personal in nature.

All in all, an interactive photo wall can be part of an effective strategy towards a highly engaging and memorable virtual event. Next time you host a virtual event, consider an interactive photo mosaic wall. Not only will your virtual event look beautiful but moreover, it will boost engagement and create a powerful emotional bond.

If you’re interested in learning how Keshot can support your next virtual event with a compelling and innovative interactive photo mosaic wall, contact us today!