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5 Reasons Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Positively Impacts Virtual Events

August 18, 2020
5 mins Read

How Does Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Benefit Virtual Events? As we look towards the future, why consider virtual photo mosaic software? Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of rapid development and transformation. All business conferences, conventions, and festivals now take place in the virtual world, both here in the states and throughout most[…]How Does Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Benefit Virtual Events?

As we look towards the future, why consider virtual photo mosaic software? Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of rapid development and transformation. All business conferences, conventions, and festivals now take place in the virtual world, both here in the states and throughout most of the world. As we seek a powerful way to unite people across the digital space, photo mosaic software seems like a viable solution.

As virtual events begin dialing in their best practices, event planners search for the perfect tools to deliver an impactful and memorable experience. Like in-person events, virtual events also look to accomplish specific unified goals. One means to accomplish this might be uniting people to share photos. Then comes the next question which is what is the best way to share these pictures in the digital space?

An ancient art form, the mosaic brings together separate, smaller pieces in order to create a larger piece of art. A photo mosaic generator is interactive software that fuses the ancient art form with technology in order to unite people across the virtual space. Unified by one common purpose or shared special occasions such as a ceremony or graduation, photos can then be gathered from a larger audience. The result is a dynamic and captivating, one of a kind experience.

Are you personally planning any upcoming virtual events? If so, are you searching for the perfect way to reimagine an in-person event in the digital world, or are virtual events simply your business model? A photo mosaic generator is also a great solution because it is compatible with all major virtual event platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. From a technological standpoint this makes it a great choice from the start. As we look towards ways to elevate the virtual event experience, here are five keys why photo mosaic software could help.

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1. Engage Your Audience with Virtual Photo Mosaic Software

One of the most important considerations when planning virtual events is engagement. Everything from the music you play to the activities you provide to your audience will determine if your event will captivate them. Author of Killer Webinars, Shelley Ryan stated that according to one survey, 88% of respondents admitted to multitasking during webinar presentations. Using photo mosaic software as a visual aid will help keep people enrolled in what’s going. Their desire to stay focused and pay attention to what’s going on will be amplified. Undeniably, this should help kill the feelings of isolation and boredom that sometimes come with virtual events or that can be caused by social distancing orders.

Firstly, engage your audience from the very start by making your interactive mosaic part of the registration process. Next, customize invitations to help create a deeper sense of connection for attendees from the beginning. When your guests go to fill out their information, have them upload photos to the mosaic. Herein guests have already developed an emotional bond with the event.

In addition, a photo mosaic generator is also an effective way to create a tight-knit community among your audience. As they create a deep emotional bond with their peers, this will undeniably boost engagement and their affinity towards the event overall. Heightened feelings towards the event and their peers will only increase their desire to remain immersed throughout. This makes photo mosaic software an effective solution to catch your audience’s interest. Furthermore, an event photo sharing website will make your guests smile as they relate to their peers in a creative and interactive way. The experience could be further heightened by adding trivia or a scavenger hunt to the mosaic itself. All in all, this hopefully keeps them enrolled in what’s happening at all times.

2. Provide Exclusive Content

Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” There’s something about presenting your audience with exclusive content that will make them feel privileged. Photo mosaic software grants an easy solution for dynamic and exclusive content specifically created for an event. Moreover, by providing additional compelling content as part of a fully immersive experience, you will further win over your audience.

3. The Perfect Way to Procure Event Sponsors

Looking for ways to include sponsors in your virtual events? Photo mosaic software provides an incredible opportunity for additional sponsorship opportunities or activations. Sponsors can create their own branded photo mosaic generator as a dynamic part of the event experience. Then incorporate the mosaic into a branded welcome screen, breakout session, or waiting room.

4. Keep the Pacing Lively

Visual storytelling is one of the most effective ways to help pique your virtual audience’s interest. Use an on-brand mosaic to tell your narrative. Further, customize your photo mosaic generator by conducting a poll or simply asking your audience a question. It’s vital to employ every technique you can possibly think of to increase the variety and keep the pace of the event lively.

5. Create a Post-Event Wrap Up Mosaic

An event’s impact or aftermath is just as vital if not more so than the experience surrounding the event itself. Commemorate your event virtually by designing a post-event mosaic. Request participants to post photos or videos directly relating to the event and ask them to answer a question surrounding the experience of the event itself. Re-engaging with attendees post-event while tracking post-event data and statistics will help determine the outcome of the event itself. It can also aid in helping convert attendees into longer-terms customers. Lastly, it will help you make an assessment of future event planning or marketing initiatives.

The Impact of Virtual Photo Mosaic Software

In conclusion, we are currently in the growth and development phase for virtual events. As event organizers continue rapidly searching for the perfect tools to produce the ideal experience, one might ponder a photo mosaic generator. For this purpose when celebrating a wide variety of events, a digital photo mosaic can act as a powerful mechanism to permanently capture our most important moments in the virtual world.

If you’re interested in learning how Keshot can support your next virtual event with a compelling and innovative virtual photo mosaic software, contact us today!