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Give Your Guests the Magic of Instagram and Instant Photo Printing with Keshot Hashtag Printing

June 11, 2013
5 mins Read

Keshot is bringing back the fun of instant photo printing with Keshot Hashtag Printing. Now, people can share their Instagram images on social media or print them out. These photo printouts can be a great takeaway for guests at your event.

Keshot has recently unveiled InstaKeshot to provide our clients with the benefits of the popularity of Instagram for brand awareness and event promotion.

An easy way to print and share Instagrams

InstaKeshot makes every event guest into a brand ambassador with the power of Instagram. Instagrams that are taken and tagged at your event are transferred to the Keshot kiosk and/or tablet, allowing guests to print their instant photo with your branding using InstaKeshot, or share it on social media and on Keshot’s Instagram channel.

Here’s how InstaKeshot works:

  1. InstaKeshot will search for your event’s hashtags and/or geo-location.
  2. Any Instagrams taken by a user (tagged appropriately) will then be grabbed by InstaKeshot and sent to a photo kiosk or tablet, and can also be compiled in an online gallery.
  3. Your event guests can then share their instant photo through Keshot’s Instagram channel or on social media using our Facebook and Twitter Direct features. Guests can also print it for a memorable branded keepsake.

Plus, InstaKeshot can be paired with all the same customization options as the Keshot kiosk and tablet. Choose from our event technology solutions such as Interactive Overlay, Facebook Event, Album,surveys, contests, etc. to use with InstaKeshot.

To learn more about how to make InstaKeshot’s instant photo printouts a part of your event, please give us a call at 702-819-9618 or email us at