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A Collage Connection for Event Marketing

August 3, 2012
5 mins Read

Photography seem to be the only medium with the ability to sustain time. With each closing of a cameras shutter, a moment of time is saved. Thus a photo album has the ability to capture an entire experience. What seems to be missing in all this is the revisiting of that moment in time. It seems that the scrap-booking subculture has something going, besides a multi-billion dollar industry. They take the classic medium of photography, along with other mementos, to relive and recreate memories; connecting time through a series of collages.

This visual technique, from the French word coller meaning to glue, was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the early part of the 20th century, when the art form became distinctive to the modernist era. Now in the 21st century we have since packed away our glue sticks, and are now assembling these images digitally, creating a new experience altogether. Instead of photos, di-cuts and stickers in an album on a shelf, the collage is presented full screen projected in real-time; taking each moment to be relived presently. It’s as if your scrapbook has turned into a film, and not a moment is left behind or forgotten.

Photo Booth Collage

The picture above is a visual example of a Keshot Collage running through images 1. Guests take pictures at the photo booth 2. The images are compiled together to create an event collage 3. Photos are then displayed as a dynamic photo collage on a large plasma screen The images are created to look like a Polaroid picture, but can be reformatted. This feature ultimately enhances your guests’ experience while capturing memories in real-time.