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Photo Mosaic Wall

October 17, 2019
5 mins Read

Your image. Created by your guests.

The Event Rentals Game-Changer‎

Keshot offers the latest in tools to expand event marketing promotion in fun, engaging ways. Rent a photo mosaic wall today and make your event an astounding success.

Using the tools to connect online and offline presence creates a new method to increase loyalty and trust with customers. If you are on this page, you are most likely seeking a new, appealing, and mesmerizing tool to help take events to the next level. The Photo Mosaic Wall from Keshot provides this solution.

We are a successful experiential marketing company that provides full-service solutions to engage guests at events across all industries.

What Is a Photo Mosaic Wall?

Imagine instant digital and physical mosaics, formed in real-time at events. Attendees can use Instagram, Twitter, on-site Keshot photobooths, and more to automatically upload to the mosaic. A mosaic masterpiece is created using a high-tech algorithm. Guests are able to take part in user-generated content, creating an investment in the final product.

An event-specific hashtag also allows for a Hashtag Mosaic.

How Does A Photo Mosaic Work?

This creates a work of art in just a few simple steps:

  1. Guests use a photo booth to take their photo.
  2. Guest can as well snap photos with their cell phone that they share with a custom hashtag chosen for the mosaic.
  3. Pictures taken with the photo booth and posts utilizing the hashtag will be incorporated into the final piece.

You simply provide the final image, and guests will add to the wall until the picture is complete.

What Are the Benefits?

Mosaics are works of art, creating one cohesive portrait comprised of individual viewpoints. Guests will see the big picture and then find themselves in their individual shots up close. It provides a lasting impression that will stay with them long after the event ends.

The interactive nature of building the mosaic creates an investment from attendees. A strategic placement of the artwork is sure to draw the eye and attendees in. Throughout the event, they will meander towards the booth, checking in to see the finished mosaic come to life. The final image sends a message of cohesiveness. People coming together and creating one image from many. The “all in this together” message will create positive connections to your brand that will continue to spread after the event concludes.

If you choose to utilize the on-site photo booth in addition to the mosaic, our services can provide even more benefits.

  • We can offer a branded photo booth to provide even more brand exposure for your business.
  • Our experts also are able to specifically target your industry, tailoring to your unique needs. This partnership focuses on strengthening event outreach and exposure of the brand through strategic social media marketing.
  • Images from the kiosk can be printed with company branding, allowing guests to leave with a memento and a message.

Integrating a photo mosaic wall with a social media photo booths and Keshot services also provides an opportunity to connect positive experiences to your online platforms. Users will also use their personal accounts to connect to yours, creating an even broader network of connections.

Online connections have become influential for consumer purchasing decisions. They can capture and share the mosaic wall, guaranteeing the work and message will expand beyond the parameters of the event itself.

Physical and Digital Mosaic Creation

Setup for a mosaic wall comes in two forms: physical and digital. A physical setup creates a hands-on interactive experience. The photos automatically print as stickers, allowing guests to choose their place in the mosaic board. Hand placing images in the physical format allows for users to take part in content generation and creation. This option is best paired with a Keshot photo kiosk, but it can also pull images from social media channels and event photographers.

The digital format utilizes a projector or digital television display. Guests will see their photos find their place in real-time. Throughout the creation of the final image, attendees will witness the overall image come to fruition. This option thrives with the Hashtag Mosaic approach. Think of it like a live Twitter feed – the post goes up online and quickly finds its place in the visible entity at the event.

Click here to see an example of a digital mosaic

Here at Keshot, we also design the photo and hashtag mosaic experiences to reduce stress for those responsible for planning and execution of the program. Our experts will handle installation, design, set up, teardown, and transport:

  • Kiosks are lightweight and portable, perfect additions to any event.
  • Keshot kiosks can be adapted to reflect your theme or company image, fluidly fitting into the space.
  • If necessary, we provide experienced technical support throughout the event. Any issue that arises can be quickly addressed, relieving worry for event planners.
  • Brand ambassadors also aid in providing guests with the best image circulation experience. They can help manage and control the kiosk and mosaic while providing expert knowledge on Keshot processes.

Effective Event and Brand Engagement

If you are looking for whether photo mosaics are truly effective for event engagement, you’ll find truth in the numbers. We can provide reports on brand engagement, the perfect way to measure goal achievement. With social media integrated into the booth, businesses can track platform interactions. You’ll see just how many Facebook “Likes” or Twitter “follows” result from an event.

Guests will also directly connect to platforms where they can share your content. You can create a live Facebook event album, bringing people back to find their picture online. A Keshot photo booth is able to complete over one hundred and eighty photo booth interactions throughout an event. There will be no limit to the fun guests can have! You’ll certainly be able to expand your online and offline presence with a Keshot mosaic wall.

At the same time, we will be able to gather and create a database of guest information as people utilize the booth and wall.  Imagine, a one-of-a-kind artwork accompanied by a list of e-mails to further brand engagement. It sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Get in Touch Today!

As you seek the keys to future success, keep Keshot mosaic in mind. Remember the end result: A memory that captures the event in a timeless way.

If this sounds like the right step to amp your event to the next level, request a quote today and we will give you our pricing deck within minutes. If you have any questions, you can always call us at ☎ 702-840-1509.