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What We Do

We are a team of creative professionals with a passion for developing engaging experiences designed to maximize client engagement. Since 2001, we have grown into a global experiential marketing service with offices in Europe and South America.

We provide interactive photo solutions to a wide range of Fortune 500 Companies, independent businesses, and emerging brands. Our events are featured and held worldwide with excellent success. 

Who We Are

In the year 2000, our CEO and Founder Juan Benavides was visiting Las Vegas and wanted to instantly send a photo of his experience back home to his friends in Spain, but he couldn’t find an easy way to do so. Inspired to create the solution to this problem, he built the first digital photo booth with Internet access to share good times with friends in every corner of the world and Keshot Photo Booths was born.

Over the years, Keshot’s cutting-edge photo technology has been integrated into events for internationally recognized brands such as Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nike. With every event, we add new features including video recording, surveys, contests, commercials, augmented reality, green screens, social media sharing, and more.

Never backing down from a challenge and an opportunity to showcase their skills, our in-house development team works tirelessly to create state-of-the-art features on the photo booth. For the past decade, we’ve embraced customized technology for our clients’ events to ensure their guests have a “wow” experience.

Today from our headquarters in Las Vegas, together with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Mexico, Colombia and Spain, we continue to strive to be at the forefront of experiential and social media marketing solutions that bridge the gap between offline events and online engagement for brands and their audiences throughout the world.

What We Believe

Sleek, sophisticated, yet simple technology solutions get our clients better results.

Our innovative and intuitive technology is easy for guests to use and enjoy. The results are increased engagement both offline and online.

Inspiring smiles maximizes event marketing reach

Fun times promote sharing in an authentic way through experiential and social media marketing. Using a combination of powerful tools helps build long-term trust and loyalty.

A lasting impression is made through multiple touchpoints.

Brands become a part of people’s everyday lives with repeated exposure. An event begins with a memorable real-time occasion and is amplified with user-generated photos and videos that are accessible and shareable long after the offline event experience is over.

Partnering with our clients to turn their event marketing concepts into a reality keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Our in-house design and development team has over a decade of experience collaborating with event marketers and experiential marketing agencies to create one-of-a-kind projects that generate impact for some of the biggest brands in the world.

All events should be hassle-free.

We understand there are many aspects that go into properly planning and executing an event. Our clients choose to partner with us because they know what to expect. We are committed to providing outstanding technical support and customer service from the moment we start planning to post-event. We’re here to provide flawless planning and execution. Let us do the thinking for you.

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From product launches to trade shows, corporate events to guerilla marketing, our social photo booth rentals will maximize your reach. We serve every U.S. state as well as Europe and South America, and we have the capability to deploy our technology solutions worldwide. Contact us on our website, or give us a call at 702-900-8197 to make your next event truly memorable.