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Discover What Your Marketing is Missing with a Social Media Photo Booth

July 24, 2013
5 mins Read

These days it is more important than ever to make social media and experiential marketing an essential part of your strategy. People now require instant and authentic interaction with your brand.

Social media acts as your brand’s online voice with your audience, while experiential marketing offers an offline experience with your brand. With a social media photo booth, you can create a winning combination that uses experiential and social media to provide your company with a broad reach that touches people in a way that becomes a part of their everyday lives.

Social media can supercharge your experiential marketing and vice versa because both strategies can easily work together to achieve the same goals; to make people feel personally involved with your brand.

A social media photo booth offers your event guests a fun and free opportunity to take pictures of themselves with their friends while having a good time with your brand at your event. Every branded photo or video people generate can be shared on social media, including your event attendees, personal profiles and your company’s pages. Plus, guests can print their images for a memorable takeaway that they can show their family and friends.

While there are many ways and tools to help your company connect your event to social media, there are not many that engage people as easily and effectively as a social media photo booth. Sharing experiences visually through photos and video is a driving force in the ever-increasing power of social media marketing.

By integrating your branding and the ability to collect consumer information like email addresses, phone numbers etc. with a social media photo booth, you can significantly boost your event’s impact and spread the word about the personality of your brand far and wide