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When to Use a Photo Booth for Your Event

5 mins Read

The simply answer is, when you want to ramp up the fun of your event. Clients have used Keshot Photo Booths in a variety of ways; for concerts of super star performers (the fabulous writer and singer of Goodbye ,Norma Jean), at NY’s major Fashion Week event, national guerilla marketing events for new a product launch.

When you use Keshot’s photo booth with a social media edge at your event, each photo amplifies the opportunity for social engagement. Your guests are more inclined to share photos and videos from the event on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. This is real-time endorsement of your brand by customers to their peers. According to the social networking site, the average Facebook user now has more than 200 friends.

So, when do you use a photo booth? I am guessing your response will be, when you want to deliver a big bang for your brand.