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What Your Event Needs to Succeed!

June 25, 2012
5 mins Read

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an event about innovation featuring some of today’s top thinkers and thought leaders. One was Guy Kawasaki, whom I personally follow a few of his blogs. He was the former Chief Evangelist for Apple and was once considered for the CEO position at Yahoo.

In his presentation, Guy went over a list of things to think of when taking on innovation. Two stood out for me, unique and valuable. As an innovator the combination is best. If you select unique without any thing to back it up, then that is stupid. Depending only on valuable, is equally stupid. There is always something new and valuable ready to hit the market.

One idea is woven into the culture at Keshot Social Media Photo Booths. That is, we strive to create unique and valuable ways to let our client’s shine during and after the event. Unique means an understanding of what will make the customer experience different and memorable for the picture marketing opportunity. Tying in value by delivering on social media engagement and viral marketing.

But don’t think that this is the only path to a successful event. The time commitment to building out the idea, the huge project management undertaking and a willingness to not listen to the negative comments when you present a unique idea. Instead, the trick is to continue, plow through, use your imagination.