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What Every Brand Should Know About User Generated Content

March 30, 2018
5 mins Read

Today the most visited websites on the Web are primarily user generated. The number of people that engage in some form of user generated content action at least once per month was projected to have grown by 32 million new users between 2008-2013.

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Gain social SEO engagement

Websites like Wikipedia and YouTube have thousands of examples of user generated content. It has also become a large part of many companies’ digital marketing campaigns to engage customers and learn more about certain target audiences.

But did you know that user generated content can also provide you with great social SEO benefits?

UGC is an essential part to any social SEO campaign. SEO professionals like Jason Corrigan of Catalyst have found that UGC platforms speak to, attract, and entice action from social audiences, in a way that maximizes overall search visibility for digital campaigns.

Lower your investment costs in content building

The optimization part of the equation happens when audiences create user generated content through dialogue, interaction, and other behaviors. This allows for sites that constantly generate unique forms of content that can be submitted to search engines, which also requires less cost than traditional content building activities. In this way, UGC gives brands a more efficient way to increase their search visibility and enhance their CRM.

Benefit from a variety of content forms

According to Social Media Explorer, content forms that can be turned into UGC include, but are not limited to:

  • Q&A databases
  • Digital video
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Open forums
  • Review sites
  • Social networking
  • Social media environments (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Wikis
  • Mobile Photography/Video

Create fun and engaging content with a social media photo booth

New and innovative methods for generating content are constantly being developed, most notably in mobile marketing options. Since 2001, Keshot Photo Booths has assisted companies in creating fun brand experiences at events that capture user generated content such as photos, videos and email data for digital campaigns.

Our social media photo booths give users the ability to create their own branded content that can be shared and uploaded directly to popular social media channels, providing businesses with instant exposure to a targeted and engaged audience.

What are some of the most successful ways that your brand has employed user generated content to increase your social SEO?