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Portable Photo Booth Rental

July 4, 2013
5 mins Read

Create a winning marketing strategy with our portable photo kiosks. Keshot has achieved outstanding results for top companies in many different industries. We partner with you to exponentially increase your event reach and brand exposure by connecting your experiential to your social media marketing.

Keshot is dedicated to ensuring the success of your marketing efforts by turning audiences into brand advocates. Our full-service event technology solutions provide you with a hassle-free way to give your guests a fun and memorable brand event that can be shared with family and friends.

Your Client, Your Biggest Asset

As in any business, for an Event Planning Business, your clientele is your main asset. They are your source of income, your main appreciators, your marketing scheme as well as your most important critics. So, in order to start a business in Event Management, you will need to know how to attract your potential clients to your business. The good news is, you won’t need to spend much to advertise your business, and thus your marketing schemes won’t be a liability to you in the initial stage of your business.

The Perfect Portfolio

The first thing you will need is an amazing portfolio that will boast all your achievements – i.e. samples of all the parties that you have hosted so far. So, whether it is a `Winnie the Pooh’ birthday party that you hosted for your one-year-old, or your sister’s rehearsal dinner, or even your husband’s office Christmas Party two years back -they can all go into your first portfolio until you have more sophisticated projects to replace them.

Your portfolio can include almost anything – from samples of invitation cards to handcrafted paper party-favors, appreciation notes from previous satisfied clients to mentions in the newspaper or magazine cuttings; but most of all – photographs. Snapshots of all your previous events in details -the decoration, the catering, the cakes, the party favors, the flowers, the outfits, and everything else. A single picture can say a lot more than a thousand words – and it is true in this facet.

So concentrate on the photographs while you are working your way up to start your event planning business. Use your clients’ photographs -with their permission, of course – to fill your portfolio with the brilliant decorations and seating arrangements that you have planned for their events.


If you are not satisfied with the quality of the photographs, you can hire your own photographer who will highlight on your work only, emphasizing on beautifying your creative inputs on the event.

Your portfolio can either be a soft copy or a hard copy – or both, depending on which medium of marketing you are more comfortable with. If you have are planning to create a website for your business, then you will be needing an online version of your portfolio, while if you are meeting a potential client to discuss an upcoming event, they would be more comfortable to go through a physical version of the portfolio, i.e., by holding the photographs and the samples in their hand.

If you are not sure if you can create a portfolio attractive enough to interest potential clients, there are many small businesses that can create a portfolio or a scrapbook for you. You can find someone in your locality by searching on the Internet.

Go Digital

If you are a tech-savvy person, then the digital world is wide open for you. You have a number of options that can help you reach and attract your desired clientele.

To go digital with your business, what you will need at first is a great website. There’s not much to be spent here, but the advantages that you will get are almost limitless. Even if you are working alone in your business, it doesn’t mean that you will have to learn the whole process and create the website yourself.

You can just as well hire a freelancer or outsource the work for a fraction of the cost and the time you would need to hire a regular employee or do the job yourself. For a great website, you will need to focus on photographs too – an online gallery of your work, to be exact.

This is actually the soft-copy version of your portfolio where any potential client looking for an event planner can look up and appreciate your previous works. The photographs would need to be absolutely dazzling and attention-grabbing so that the client can be convinced of your skills. You will also need content for your website – texts that will portray your confidence in yourself that will persuade your clients to hire you.

If you are not too good with the Mighty Pen, the contents of the website can also be outsourced to a good writer/copywriter. There are other ways to spread your business via the Internet, i.e., through blogging, advertisement, SEO, and SMM, etc.

All aboard the Social Media Flight

Perhaps the most efficient and the fastest way of marketing nowadays are through the Social Media, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Almost everyone in the world is a member of these platforms and therefore, your potential customers are also. Every business these days has a page or a group on Facebook; people tend to search for something more on Facebook than on Google.

Having an active – emphasis on the active, please – page on Facebook doesn’t only mean reaching more people than through your website, but it also means that you can actively participate with your clients. You can firsthand see your effect on your intended target group and take their criticisms, advice, and suggestions. Besides, through Events, hashtags, and paid advertisements, Facebook is unquestionably the best way of promoting your business presently.

In Real Life, too

Just because you are active online, doesn’t mean that you can’t be active offline too! In real life, there are perhaps more ways for you to promote your business and reach your prospective clients. Here’s how:

Don’t hesitate to promote your start-up business at every chance you get, this includes you’re personal as well as your professional life – at your family gatherings, your present workplace, your children’s schools, your spouses’ parties, at someone’s wedding, to your friends and even to your competitors. You never know who your next client will be.

Design (or have someone design) interesting visit-ing cards and brochures for your upcoming business and start distributing. The above-mentioned rule is applicable here too: don’t let any chance of mentioning your business pass by. Don’t hesitate to say, “Hi! I’m starting this new Event Panning Business at-”

Contact the suppliers, decorators, caterers and other contacts in your area and give them your details. Initially, they may be the ones who recommend you to their clients instead of the other way around. Later, when you have started to make a name for yourself in the business, be sure to reach out to them as they did for you.

Keep a close eye on all the venues for celebrations and events in your locality, including hotel ball-rooms, resorts, churches, community halls and open parks and request the authorities to recommend you to their respective clients.

Advertise as much as you can, through billboards, flyers, and advertisements in newspapers, tabloids, magazines, even bridal magazines, websites, and stores. The more you advertise your business, the more people are going to know about you. So now that you have an idea about how to attract your desired client.

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