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Party Photo Booth Rental

July 6, 2013
5 mins Read

On your invitations or other advertising elements, you could state in big bold letters that your party is a private affair. Also, when you talk about it to people, mention that it is very private and invite-only. Rent a photo booth and ask people to share their photos on social media.

The simple classification process of calling a party private seems to alter people’s mentality or thoughts towards the event. It becomes a special event with a very hard to get on the guest list. It adds this feeling of glam and the people who you include on the guest list may view it as a privilege and be eager to attend your event.

How to have a hassle-free planning session?

A meeting is supposed to be a professional gathering of individuals who are working towards a common goal. During this meeting, you don’t want chaos or disorder to occur as this will more than likely get nothing productive done. During this section, we will look at ways to make sure that meetings go off without a hitch.

Have you got the stuff?

The first thing you need to sort out is the equipment needed for the meeting. There is nothing worse than having an intention to do a presentation and you have forgotten to include the projector. It will be very embarrassing for you and will also reflect badly on you, as it shows that you are forgetful and not fully prepared. So make sure that there is a working projector.

It would probably be best if you turn up to the meeting ahead of time. This way, you can make sure everything is set, plugged-in, connected and working properly. If you require an internet connection, be sure the Wi-Fi is working and connected properly. Also, be sure you are already logged-in to anything that requires a password online to prevent awkward delays during your presentation. Once everyone has arrived, you can get right into your presentation. For your meeting, you will properly also have various notes as well as hand-outs.


Make sure you remember both. Your personal notes will be integral to the success of this event as this will contain everything you are aiming to discuss during the meeting. Without your prepared notes, there is a strong possibility that you could become flustered and completely forget what you want to say. Organizing your thoughts as a list or bullet-points might be helpful. Lastly, if you have handouts, you need to remember to bring them and arrange them on the meeting table, either in a pile at the end of the table or around the table.

What is this meeting about, again?

It is a really bad idea to stumble into an event, without having a single idea of what you are going to talk about. You need to set an agenda or plan for the meeting, as well as a general aim of what you wish to achieve. Share this goal with your peers at the start of the meeting, or before it through email, so everyone knows what is going to be discussed and the general purpose of this get-together. Making people aware of the aim or topic of this meeting is a very good idea, as your peers will be able to prepare suitable notes and be able to contribute to the discussion in a productive manner.

Public speaking time

More than likely, you are going to be the leader or head of this meeting. This means you will be the one presenting a speech to your fellow peers. This speech needs to be focused and professional and includes everything that you want to express. You can have this speech fully written out on a sheet of paper or you could decide to just have the key points on a series of cards or notepad.

Though you definitely need to bring in your speech material, you shouldn’t read off the thing the entire time. Remember to look up and make eye contact with those in the room throughout the speech. Before the meeting, you need to be familiar with the speech so you can present it confidently without having to read it on a piece of paper.

I am free for the day

Because you do not know how long the meeting will run, it is best that you have the entire day open and free from any other major arrangements and plans. If you have other pressing matters that you need to attend to later in the day, then there is a chance you may rush your meeting.

There is nothing worse than a person who looks like they want or need to be somewhere else. You need to give your 100 per-cent to this meeting and treat it like a valued and important part of your day. Do not rush or hurry through the agenda, as this may result in things getting missed out and a mediocre quality in the overall meeting.

Practices make for a perfect meeting

For an important and vital meeting, it would be a good idea to carry out a practice meeting by yourself. Go to the meeting room before the actual conference and present your speech. This will help you get familiar with the speech, its content as well as the overall length of it. You can also take note of the acoustics, and whether or not you will need to speak up during the actual meeting. This exercise can also help you soothe your jittery nerves, as it will lead to familiarity with the environment and the process of presenting a speech. You can also familiarize yourself with where your props (if any) should be displayed in the room, how to arrange the seating, which direction the projector will face, and where each switch, outlet, and plug are for the room.

Hold that call

The last piece of useful information that we will present to you for a stressful and perfect meeting is this: hold all calls and text messages for the duration of the meeting. Switch your mobile phone to silent-mode and avoid the temptation to look at and respond to text messages and emails on your smartphone. If you have a secretary or personal assistant, get them to hold most of your calls and save messages until the end of the meeting. You don’t want to have to constantly pause your presentation in order to take inconsequential calls. You should only allow for emergency calls to be allowed through. If you do end up having to receive a call during your meeting, you will need to politely excuse yourself. Explain that it is an emergency and that you need to take the call for that reason. If you have a person able to take over for a bit, then get them to. This way the meeting can still go on even though you are absent.

And that concludes our short exploration into valuable ideas that can make a meeting both stress-free as well as excellent in overall quality. A meeting that runs smoothly is important as it shows you a professional and it will also relay important information in a proficient manner.

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