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Open Air Photo Booth Rental

July 6, 2018
5 mins Read

The “Open Booth” or sometimes “Open Air Booth” is the simplest form of the photo booth, and is actually becoming a very popular choice for events held at smaller venues or in homes, as well as for customers who are on a budget.

Generally, it is not a booth at all, but simply a camera, monitor, and printer, either set up on a table or contained within a portable unit, usually with some sort of simple backdrop setup in the background. Although these lack the element of cramming people into a small space, people nonetheless still truly enjoy the experience and can receive the same quality photo strips, generally for a significantly lower price.

An Ideal Event Manager

It takes a lot of courage, patience, creativity, and wit to be an event manager or an event planner. Successful events require good food, lights, hosts, an organized program, and great entertainment. All these elements are the prime concerns of the event manager, aside from handling the stress that stems from meeting deadlines, making ends meet, and fitting everything into a tight schedule.

Successful event managers and planners have the following qualities that help them come up with gatherings that everyone would definitely remember:

1.      Creativity and Flexibility


If you want to organize an event like no other, prepare to rack your brains for ideas to make the event wonderfully unique. You may need (or want) different things to be in your event, so this means that an event planner must be able to conceptualize and put into reality all the elements in a creative manner. In case things are not going according to plan, an event manager should be able to adapt (sometimes this even involves the need to come up with an entirely new plan).

2.      A keen eye for details

Not all people have the sharpest eye for details. However, minute details are still part of the event, so an event planner should always pay attention to such seemingly unimportant things.

3.      Organizing skills

The very best event managers all have the ability to manage people, be on schedule, and juggle between client and supplier meetings. Food tastings, visual inspections, bargain hunting, and even menu selection are also among the many must-dos that an efficient event planner successfully completes.

4.      Communication and negotiating skills

Planning events will require you to talk to many people of different personalities – from entertainers to caterers, and from sound system providers to participants. It is important for a planner to know what to say and how to talk to people in an engaging and courteous manner. This includes the ability to negotiate and persuade suppliers or service providers for more affordable prices or better deals. It is also important for an event specialist to know how to connect with people and build lasting relationships with both clients and suppliers. Having the ability to understand people, for the sake of working out client issues, is also vital.

5.      Leadership skills


Ordering people around just doesn’t work in this kind of business because it creates a heavy atmosphere for everyone involved. What an event need is a leader who could manage and motivate the team without snapping in the middle of all the things that are happening. This shows just how important it is to work hand-in-hand with the team and resolve problems together.

6.      Ability to stay focused and calm

No event progresses 100% smoothly. At one point, something will go wrong. An event planner should be able to maintain focus and remain calm even when things are going out of hand. This is to ensure that solving problems or looking for possible workarounds stay possible. An event manager should know that panicking never creates solutions.

7.      Ability to Multitask

Event planning requires a lot of things to be done all at the same time. So, as a planner, it is your job to do everything all at once. An event planner should know how to juggle tasks and perform activities that are not of the same nature. Still, remember that multitasking is not just about getting things done. It is a skill of getting multiple things done without making all sorts of mistakes.

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