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Online Videos Generated At Events Poised to Redefine the Event Experience

December 14, 2011
5 mins Read

Videos have proven to be an important tactic to get the message out. According to a recent comScore report, 180 million US internet users watched online video content for an average of 18 hours per viewer. That’s an impressive rate of views. Keep in mind the multiple channels now available for consumers to engage with a brand, video is proving to be a viable vehicle.

Consider harnessing the power of online videos to extend your next event or tradeshow, taking your story to a larger audience? Add the video to social sharing sites  like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, to increase the number of views and buzz generated about your event.

A live streaming video is one approach to add videos to an event, if your budget has flexibility that will allow for creating a complicated video production set up. Another unique event idea is getting your event participants involved in the video creation, while at the event and then share it online at social media sites. Integrating an online video photo booth with social media functions streamlines the process of generating user videos at events and sharing these videos on social sharing sites.

Nielsen’s new research shows that time spent on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter has increased to 80% of US Internet users. Without a doubt, social media is poised to redefine event experiences and event marketing. Most of our understanding about Twitter is that it is great to send quick bite size information. However, Twitter should not be overlooked as another way to share videos online. Before your next event create a hashtag for your event to allow for real-time updates. Use the video photo booth as a direct link to twitter for event participants to send their videos. Add a Tweet Chat to the mix to assist so that others who are unable to attendee your event can contribute to the conversation.