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Mobile Marketing Tours: Generating Customer Engagement with Photo Booths

June 21, 2012
5 mins Read

Yesterday marked the start of summer. Summer months are known for sweltering heat, hot dogs, barbecues and mobile marketing tour months. During the hot days of summer, brands take to the road, moving across America, setting up temporary locations in parking lots and county fairs, to become easily accessible marketing in-person experiences. Sometimes referred to as an experiential marketing tour, these tours are clear immediate connections with customer, delivering product experience straight to the customers hands. Most tours are able to draw customers in and inspire conversations, however once the mobile marketing vehicle pulls away, so does the impact of customer engagement.

These tours inspire customer conversations generating direct customer interaction. Sustaining these conversations will only increase the success of a tour way beyond the summer months. Customers are more likely to continue conversations with a brand they like on Facebook and Twitter. By adding a novel approach to a mobile tour, like a social media photo booth, an opening for seamless engagement starts right at the first point of connection with the customer during the tour. For every stop on the road, an opportunity for a brand evangelist is born. Modern day brand evangelist spread the word to friends locally and nationally with Twitter and Facebook as the publisher of choice. A social media photo booth is the connection from the mobile marketing event to the brands Facebook and Twitter online presence. (Click here for an example of a tour with a photo booth)

Go the extra mile to give customers a reason to become a brand evangelist. And the next time the mobile marketing tour pulls away, there will be a host of new virtual friends following the tour through their connection to the brands Facebook and Twitter profile.