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Introducing Keshot on a Tablet; The Ultimate Photo Booth for Mobile & Guerilla Marketing

May 6, 2013
5 mins Read

Keshot-on-a-Tablet offers the same features as a Keshot photo booth, but with the extra convenience of mobile interactivity that can go wherever you want to take it; perfect for guerilla and mobile marketing events.

Exponentially increase your event exposure; with an instant photo-sharing experience

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way that business can, and should be, connecting with consumers (according to SocialMedia Today).

Surprising mobile marketing facts:

  • 82% of U.S. adults own a cell phone
  • 91% of adults always have their mobile phone within arm’s reach

Consumers are becoming more engaged all the time with mobile technology and expect businesses to interact with them through this medium.

Keshot Photo Booth on a tablet

Keshot-on-a-Tablet not only integrates enhanced mobility, but maximizes the opportunity for capturing dynamic interactions because the social photo booth experience is brought to the user, instead of requiring the user to go to it.

Boost your online buzz with a dynamic interactive strategy

Although our portable photo booths are easily set-up and installed in any event environment, indoors or out, our tablet is capable of being circulated by a brand ambassador to capture instant photos of any type of audience, even people walking by on the street.

Along with mobile, the increased rise of guerilla and viral marketing is opening up even more space to create unique, engaging and thought-provoking brand experiences for consumers. These unconventional and interactive strategies rely on unusual approaches to spread awareness through word-of-mouth enhanced by online networks to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.

Maximize your results by connecting your offline to your online presence

Like the photo kiosk, the tablet functions as a dynamic connection between your offline event and online presence, allowing guests to share their images by email or on their social media profiles. Images can also be uploaded directly to your Facebook and Twitter fan pages, even requiring users to ‘Like’ your page to retrieve their images, making your message go viral.

Plus, with the ability to capture images of not only people that walk up to the photo kiosk, but physical objects in the environment, you increase the exposure of the entire look and feel of your event experience. Use the tablet in tandem with the kiosk, to gain the advantage of a full-circle mobile or guerilla marketing tool that gives you ultimate control of your event promotion.

Unlock the true value of your brand event experience with Keshot-on-a-Tablet.

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