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How to Upload to Facebook and Twitter from a Keshot Photo Booth

June 5, 2013
5 mins Read

Did you know Facebook is the largest photo-sharing site with over 2.5 billion photos uploaded to Facebook each month?  While there are multiple methods to post your photos to social media, one of the most fun is from an interactive photo booth at an event.

Facebook and Twitter Direct

Keshot gives companies many ways for their event guests to upload to Facebook and Twitter. For example, our Facebook and Twitter Direct features allow people to capture their image having a good time with friends and share it from the photo booth to their personal social media profiles.

Facebook Event Album

Our Facebook Event Album feature can instantly upload to Facebook a gallery of guests’ photos directly to businesses’ fan pages. Guests can also be required to ‘Like’ the fan page to retrieve their photos to share online. Plus, with Keshot photo sharing doesn’t have to be restricted only to a photo booth kiosk. With Keshot-on-a-Tablet, images can be taken from our tablet, which has all the same features as a photo booth, and passed around an event to capture all the good times as they happen.

Keshot Paparazzi

Our latest feature that can upload to Facebook allows a photographer to circulate at an event and take photos that are wirelessly transferred from the camera to the tablet or photo booth kiosk. Guests can then retrieve and share their photos from either the kiosk or the tablet.

Over two decades of technical expertise

Keshot’s in-house development team has been creating custom event technology for over a decade. Since 2001, we have partnered with our clients to devise innovative solutions for their specific needs. Our worldwide reach along with the volume and variety of events we have accomplished gives us the ability to offer our clients cost-effective and unique activations unmatched by our competitors.

Visit our website and check out some of the one-of-a-kind event solutions that upload to Facebook and Twitter we have created for businesses of every industry.