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How to feed the ‘Facebook Addiction Disorder’ at your next event?

April 24, 2012
5 mins Read

Do not pretend you don’t know or have no real understanding of this disorder? How many times per day do you check your Facebook newsfeed? Feel a little jealous when you check out your ex’s page only to see what hot new place they visited. Well, we all have a little ‘Facebook Addiction Disorder’.

According to a recent poll 80% of Facebook users could not go 24 hours without checking their page. So, how can your brand reach these users at your next event? By really tapping into what drives a Facebook user, great content that is fun. The point of Facebook is to connect with friends. Most people use Facebook to talk about what is positive in their lives and to share fun times. So it only makes sense that most people enjoy viewing pictures of friends smiling and happy, enjoying life.

Here at Keshot, we confess, we are guilty of feeding the Facebook addiction. Our clients come to us knowing that our social media photo booths take their events online, connecting with the brand’s Facebook fan page. For your next event, create a great photo/video opportunity for your guest to feed their addiction, make the ex a bit jealous or just share a smile. Add props to pump up the fun. Or, go big with augmented reality. Talk about creating user-generated viral content to sweep the Facebook ‘nation’.

Now, go to it! Reach out to Keshot for your next event. We are all about feeding the Facebook addiction. Click here to learn how.