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How to Add Augmented Reality to Your Next Event

March 7, 2012
5 mins Read

Augmented reality is one of the new technologies trending in the experiential and consumer engagement marketplace. Like other new technologies, there isn’t a consensus on how to fully maximize the capabilities of this offering, leaving many questioning the viability of the technology.

Knowing how augmented reality works only sets the stage for integrating the technology into an event. But is it a requisite to using the technology? The short answer to that question is no. Considering the flexibility of the technology, your imagination is your only limitation.

Using augmented reality at your next event is not as daunting a task as it seems. In fact, with Keshot’s augmented reality technology it seamless. Depending on your event theme or goal, a photo booth with augmented reality can really add excitement and a ‘wow’ factor for your guest.

So, brand managers, imagine your guest posing with your brand’s spokesperson, in an augmented reality world. Event marketers, think of the great experience your guest will want to share in the social media, their fun and laughter with augmented reality. Go ahead, let your imagination go, and add an angel, a rock star or goofy hats to all your guest pictures using a Keshot photo booth.