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Discover the Best Digital Mosaic Ideas for Online Events

August 13, 2020
5 mins Read

Digital Mosaic: A Creative Means to Boost Engagement for Your Virtual Events

Have you considered a digital mosaic for your online events yet? If not, then perhaps now is the ideal time. With events in the states canceled for the foreseeable future, events have either gone 100 percent virtual or some other variation thereof. An online or virtual event can be defined as an interactive or immersive event experience that entirely occurs in the digital world or on the web. Virtual events often unite experts from across a specific field or bring together colleagues from a specific company or organization. Many include presentations on pertinent topics or subjects that interest a particular group.

When executed correctly a virtual event can help scale a business, grow an audience, produce meaningful content, and help form new connections. Digital events are also extremely affordable allowing organizations and event organizers the opportunity to easily increase profit margins.

Provide an Exceptional Virtual Event Experience with a Digital Mosaic

First, pivoting from in-person to digital events, event producers and organizations must seek few methods to deliver a fully immersive experience for event attendees. Now facing an oversaturated market, this proves to be a true challenge. It becomes ever increasingly important to produce a standout event experience that presents meaning and value. Moreover, the best virtual events require a lot of pre-planning and work in order to successfully pull off. Digital photo mosaic can be a highly effective component of a standout event strategy.

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7 Best Digital Mosaic Ideas for Online Events

#1: Include an Online Mosaic As Part of Your Registration Process

A digital photo mosaic is a creative means to boost event engagement. Virtual Photo Mosaic can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms to be included as part of the initial registration process for any event. When guests go to fill out their personal information for the event, they upload it along with their photo to the mosaic itself. This is an effective method to quickly immerse event attendees or participants in the entire event experience from the very beginning. In addition, this also increases their emotional connection to the event from Day One. Moreover, this provides a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with other attendees in advance of the event itself to powerfully set the stage for a plethora of networking opportunities.

#2 Create a Branded Waiting Room

How do you create meaning from the very beginning of an event until the very end? Here’s an ingenious way to accomplish this. Fully immerse attendees in the event experience from the moment they join an event by designing a branded waiting room using a digital mosaic. Participants can interact with the mosaic as they wait for the event to officially start.

#3 Produce a Break Out Room Using Digital Photo Mosaic

Amplify an event experience and provide attendees more networking opportunities with a branded break-out room. Participants can upload their photos and information to the breakout room in advance of the event or while it is actually happening. Easily incorporate sponsors by designing a branded breakout room using their logo and assets.

#4 Liven Up Your Event with a Custom Rich Media Mosaic Reveal

Looking for a creative approach to liven up your virtual event? Keshot now provides the option to present a digital mosaic as an immersive virtual experience with a Custom Rich Media Mosaic Reveal. This technologically powered event experience merges together compelling videos, lively animations, and dynamic slideshows that put event attendees at the very center of the action. Write a script that powerfully brings a specific narrative to life in the virtual space. One can further personalize the experience and make it completely their own by adding selected music, a voice-over, or any other type of sound. A custom rich media mosaic reveal is the perfect complement to a virtual graduation, trade show, or any other type of major event imaginable.

#5 Make a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Part of Your Event Strategy

Looking to add some additional activities to scheduled events? Include a scavenger hunt as an integral part of scheduled activities. This highly interactive event experience gives participants the opportunity to discover clues and unveil hidden prizes ranging from cash to predesignated products or services. They are hidden behind preselected digital photo mosaic tiles. Whoever reveals the prize or prizes wins.

#6 Produce a Virtual Career Fair

Thinking of a unique way to design your virtual career fair? A mosaic online can be designed as an interactive digital career fair. Prospective employers and employees can easily upload their information to the tiles on the mosaic. Scout new talent or land the perfect role while participating in an interactive and immersive experience.

#7 Create a Virtual Trade Show

Include a virtual photo mosaic as part of an event guide for an online conference or summit. Each square designates a specific company. Discover new companies while networking with other industry experts.

Future Implications of Digital Photo Mosaic

We now face an unprecedented time that will vastly affect the future of the event industry. With the projected growth of the virtual event industry from $78 Billion to $774 Billion by 2030, one thing remains certain, virtual events are here to stay. As we look for new means to provide memorable event experiences, a digital mosaic is a perfect way to deliver meaning and impact. In conclusion, when executed well, virtual events can leave a lasting impression while helping accomplish specific unified goals.

If you’re interested in learning how Keshot can support your next virtual event with a compelling and innovative digital mosaic, contact us today!