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Average Cost 2018

July 6, 2018
5 mins Read

Discover Average Cost of Photo Booth Rental

Discover a cost-effective and proven method to spread the word about your brand. When it’s time to make social media a part of your marketing mix, it can be difficult to know which strategy will work best for your needs. Quite often it is a process that includes experimenting with and integrating many different methods until you hit upon one or more that works best for your brand, audience and messaging. Meanwhile, especially if you are paying a top social media marketing firm, the process can quickly become very expensive.

Features You Can Get with The Photo Booth

When you buy our social media photo booth, you have the option of customizing your experience any way you want. The following features are all things that you can add to your social media photo booth package.

  • Virtual Props. Purchasing a photo booth with these capabilities starts at $700. With Virtual Props, your guests can drag and drop virtual props into their pictures. These props are custom designed to fit with your brand.
  • Green Screen. Purchasing a social media photo booth with a green screen feature starts at $1250. Having a green screen allows your guests to immerse themselves in their picture and your brand. The background transforms the image into a background that you choose and will support your event.
  • Face Me. Purchasing a photo booth with these capabilities starts at $1,500. It comes with a multi-camera 9-camera setup. It is the most versatile option that we have. The Face Me feature offers flexibility to users, allowing them to create enhanced animations.
  • Multi-Camera. Purchasing a social media photo booth with the multi-camera feature are available starting at $5,000. The multi-camera feature allows for guests to become a different person by digitally replacing their face.
  • Slow Motion. Purchasing our photo booth with slow motion starts at $700. This is a great way to help your images attract more attention on social media as the video that your guests make will be in slow motion.
  • Cinemagraph Booth. Buying a Cinemagraph Booth starts at $1200. It’s a great marketing method that takes still images and adds small, repeated movement in them.

How to generate great and innovate ideas for your next event

Coming up with new and innovative ideas that blow people away is a hard thing to do. There will be times where you are jotting down ideas in a hurried manner because there are so many new ideas coming to you and there will be other times where you are staring vacantly at a wall for hours without a single idea gracing your presence.

In this section, we have listed some hopefully helpful advice that will get you to generate new ideas easier.

Pamper your body, pamper your mind:

Staring blankly at a wall for half an hour is not a very productive use of your time. Furthermore, this will actually cause more stress and anxiety as you will start to get frustrated. If ideas are simply not coming to you, then you should go out and do something fun and relaxing. Go to the spa; go for a walk in the park, to the beach or simply for a nice scenic drive. You may be surprised what will pop into your mind when you remove your body from this stressful situation.

A date with paper and pen:

Your imagination is a powerful tool. It can come up with some great and sometimes downright odd ideas and thoughts. This is why it is a good thing to simply sit down with a piece of paper and pen in a quiet environment and write down anything that comes to you. Even if the idea seems stupid or out of this world. One idea might lead to a new idea after you re-read all the ideas you have written down.


Becoming too stressed and anxious can actually hinder the production of good ideas, which in turn causes more stress. The best thing you can do is relax and find a place of calm and peace. There are various ways you can do this, including yoga, a walk or jog, taking a soothing bath or reading a book under the sun. After coming back from this relaxing time, ideas should be pouring forth with veracity.

Catch some zs:

photpbooth rental average cost 2018

Surfing the great big web for prices:

Never underestimate the power of a good internet search. By simply typing in a few keywords, for example, fun event ideas or great different ones, you can come across valuable event ideas that you could use in your own event. You could also search on pin-board idea websites such as Pinterest, which can guide you on your adventure of throwing a memorable and outstanding party. These online ideas can act as a starting point for your own original ideas, something to instigate ideas from reading through other people’s success.


Shout for help when there’s not an idea in sight. Sometimes your creativity well is simply as dry as a bone and you need a little assistance. This is not something to be ashamed of. Everyone needs help sometimes and it is better to ask for help to be able to throw an amazing event rather than just languish in a state of ardent despair and throw a dreary and plain awful event as a result.

Seek out advice or ideas from your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or other social media group by starting a post on your page where they can comment with their ideas or preferences. You could even start a poll to help you with narrowing your ideas by having them choose which out of 3 ideas they like best, for instance.

Planning with a partner or team is great, as you can bounce ideas off each other. If one person is having a day where ideas are simply not coming to them, then the others can contribute and perhaps motivate the uninspired individual.

Request a quote today and we will give you our pricing deck within minutes. If you have any questions, you can always call us at ☎ 702-900-1897