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Announcing Virtual Photo Mosaic: Future Plans from Our CEO

May 29, 2020
5 mins Read

When I first started Keshot more than twenty years ago, I could not imagine where we would be today. The past few months have forced me to take a deep look at what the future of Keshot holds. This is where we came up with the idea for our Virtual Photo Mosaic, a photo wall that merges the best of the analog and digital worlds.

What we can’t “feel” with our hands, we can “capture” on a visual and emotional level. The Virtual Photo Mosaic demonstrates the emotional bond created through shared experiences which could range from a college graduation to a conference, work summit, or any other type of occasion you can possibly dream of.

Take a look at a Mosaic we created for a recent virtual graduation for the University of Oregon.

We have received great feedback from our clients that have used Virtual Photo Mosaic. We welcome the opportunity to help you recreate the memorable moments in your life and stay connected with those that matter to you most. To learn more please visit our Virtual Photo Mosaic page, or better yet, feel free to reach out to me for additional information or to schedule a demonstration.

Keshot looks forward to helping you capture and share your most important memories.

All the best,

Juan Benavides
CEO, Keshot