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An Innovative Spin on Customer Event Experiences

February 9, 2012
5 mins Read

The question that needs to be answered is “what is innovation?” The ability to find innovation in anything is unique, but everyone has that ability. Simply, thinking bigger and challenging established thinking is needed to create incredible events. Looking at something from the very beginning with fresh eyes will set the foundation for innovation. Tapping into what and/or who is an inspiration will make this all possible.

At Keshot, we get our inspiration from our clients. Typically, clients want a social media photo booth for their events, to have a bridge from the event to their social media pages. When clients have a very specific goal in mind, we take the challenge of assisting with achieving that goal very seriously, by creating an event experience that is unique and innovative, applying a new spin to the Keshot social engagement platform.

To accomplish innovation with our clients, our event specialists take a consultative approach, an opportunity to truly understand the scope of the project. More than understanding the scope, these specialists generate ideas that integrate the project scope into a photo booth that is not your usual photo booth. For example, a Fortune 500 company transformed Keshot’s platform into a customized photo booth with dual-video recording that invited pairs of friends to simultaneously complete a video survey to learn which personality is the best fit for a newly released vehicle.

So what is innovation? For Keshot, it is the ability to play bigger than ever, to be inspired by clients and apply an innovative spin on any event experience.

Here is a link to a Keshot innovative case study. Click here.