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Amplify the Fun with Keshot’s Interactive Overlay Virtual Photobooth Props

June 14, 2013
5 mins Read

Make your guests’ brand experience even more unforgettable with drag-and-drop virtual photobooth props for their images. Keshot’s Interactive Overlay allows for the use of event-themed props that are custom-designed by our in-house development team. The possibilities for your event are as limitless as your imagination  from a pair of glam shades, to fancy hats, glasses, mustaches, ruby red lips and more.

Immerse your guests in a virtual experience

Keshot’s photobooth props can be used with our photo kiosk or tablet and combined with our other technology features.  Give your guests the opportunity to go wild in creating outrageous and unique images. Unlike conventional photobooth props, virtual props are added directly to the graphical interface (GUI) of the kiosk or tablet. Your event’s guests can drag and drop them onto their images as they are captured.

Increase your brand’s shareability

When you give your guests control over customizing their images, the chances that they will want to share them on social media can increase. Plus, if you also give them the opportunity to take home printouts of their photos, the interesting content is sure to be shared with family and friends.

Along with photobooth props, a full banner overlay with your company’s logos and/or messaging can also be added to the graphical interface, further enhancing your guests’ brand experience.

To learn more about how Keshot’s Interactive Overlay can spice up your event, check out some of our client examples on our website or social media channels.