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6 Secrets of Successful Guerilla Marketing Ideas

July 12, 2018
5 mins Read

Many of us have been shocked and awed by successful guerilla marketing ideas like ING Direct’s Riding for Free campaign a few years back. But even if you have a limited budget, implementing creative marketing tactics that work for your business can be within your grasp.

In fact, guerilla marketing is defined by being performed on a tight budget in an unexpected way. The following are some tips from some big campaigns that can help you create your own on a smaller scale.

  1. Take it outdoors

IBM’s Smarter Cities billboard campaign is an example of how guerilla marketing ideas offer people something desirable and free, such as a convenient shelter from the rain, in a surprising and creative way. They adapted a form of advertising that usually stands apart from viewers, the traditional billboard, and made it a part of the everyday environment that is both practical and promotional.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Red Bull, renown for its great guerilla marketing ideas, recently implemented a stunt in New York’s Times Square with a NASCAR-style pit stop that handed out free samples of their energy drink. Capturing the notice of New Yorkers in one of the busiest city centers in the country is no small feat, especially among thousands of billboards, streets signs and video screens.

  1. Do the unexpected

One of Lebanon’s most famous hotels, the Riviera Hotel, hosts an exclusive pool and bar lounge area that used massive vinyl promotional stickers in their bathrooms in the form of reflective sunglasses. This gave visitors a sense of being a part of the glamour and luxury of the brand. Talk about providing an intimate and exclusive experience!

  1. Think simple and magical

It is no longer good enough to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Consumers expect now to be spoken to in a personal way that makes them feel you have their best interests in mind, without being obviously clever. Be yourself and use your storytelling skills, heart and magic. Volkswagon’s ad “The Force”, pulls the viewer into a storyline that is new, surprising and fun.

  1. Use viral marketing

Give your campaign the chance to go viral by making it adaptable to your intended audience. Viral and guerilla marketer Bob Kim of, illustrates a great example of how the Livestrong bracelet started as a way to raise awareness of cancer, but has inspired numerous other wristbands for charities and various political causes.

  1. Let people be your brand advocates

Make an impact when you integrate people into your guerilla marketing ideas. When you give people the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, they become your advertising. The California Academy of Sciences, a natural history and science museum in San Francisco, incorporated social media photo booths into its California & Climate Change room.

An interactive interface and dialogue built into the exhibit, engaged museum visitors by allowing them to send a photo and video online postcard to their family and friends, while asking them to help the environment by making a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.