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5 Picture Marketing Strategies That Work

June 26, 2018
5 mins Read

Welcome to the age of ‘Visual Culture’ where it’s all about the images , now is the time when picture marketing plays a crucial role. Put the power of adding images in content to work for your brand with the five following strategies:

  1. Turn face-to-face interactions into user-generated content

As part of your picture marketing campaign, give people an opportunity to have fun and take free photos and videos of themselves with your branding at a live event through a social media photo booth. This connects your real-time efforts to showcase your product or service with everyone on the Web because the photos are uploaded to your online presence and shared by people on their social media profiles.

  1. Find engaging ways to get consumers to post content that tells your brand story

Get people excited about uploading their photos and videos with your branding by running a contest, sweepstakes or survey that requires voting, answering a question or completing an interactive challenge. Showcase the entries and results on your Facebook, Instagram or some other picture marketing friendly social media channel and allow visitors to comment on their favorites.

  1. Give consumers a reason to share their visual story on social media

Achieve that zing factor in your picture marketing that compels people to share the images of their interaction with your brand by allowing them to add unique and interesting photo effects. You can also have live props and characters available to take images with that people would love to show off to their friends and family.

  1. Promote a hashtag for your event and include it in peoples? images

Choose and have people use a single official hashtag for your event. There are many methods you can use to publicize your hashtag, including incorporating it into physical items such as cocktail napkins, entrance bracelets, signage, video screen, printed materials and more. Plus, in addition to requesting people to use it you can also include it directly within their photo or video if it is uploaded to a social media photo booth.

  1. Let people take home photo printouts to share and cherish as a keepsake

Once a person has taken a photo at your event, why not give them the opportunity to print out their image to take home? Branded photos can be instantly printed with an onsite wireless printer. It provides another way that people can share it with others they know, spreading the word about their positive experience with your company.

For a great example of what picture marketing can achieve check out KLM and Visit Holland’s 10 Seconds to Holland campaign. To win tickets to Holland, people were required to create a wish list of things to do in Holland and then upload their video onto the KLM or Visit Holland Facebook pages. The total reach of the contest was about 20,000 people per week and resulted in a substantial increase in Facebook fans for both companies.