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10 Creative Ways Digital Photo Mosaic Improves Your Virtual Event

September 1, 2020
5 mins Read

What is a Digital Photo Mosaic?

What is a digital photo mosaic? Why is it important when looking to accomplish goals for virtual events? Face it. We now stand at a milestone in the history of events. As old event industry norms get washed away by new ideas and concepts, we must look towards the industry’s future. Due to social distancing orders both here and abroad, in-person events are now replaced by virtual event technologies. We now embark on a new frontier in the digital age.

Currently, in-person and virtual events share similar goals. With that in mind, virtual events now aim to mimic the magic of in-person events in the digital world. Technology provides beneficial tools that help accomplish specific event-related goals.

Complex virtual event tools may appear like shiny new toys. However, functionality and purpose should always remain the utmost considerations when deciding which virtual event tools to use. In a world where Zoom is synonymous with “work,” there is something to also be said about thinking outside the box. We then wonder, what is a creative concept that is also straightforward and easy to use?

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How Digital Photo Mosaic Converts Registrations Into Attendees

One of the biggest challenges for virtual events is to convert registrations into actual attendees. With the ease of access and much less planning required, it’s easy to simply not show up for an online event. Online events compete with other web related activities such as Netflix and social media as well as the distractions of everyday life. With the majority of virtual events being either free or reasonably priced, there is also very little fiscal responsibility if any to attendees. With very little attachment or responsibility, the question then becomes how do you get people to actually show up for a virtual event?

Most importantly, it’s imperative that significant value be derived from virtual events. As we seek to increase the emotional bond between the attendee and the event itself, we search for ways to improve the overall experience. In order to get your audience excited, you need to grab their attention from day one. That’s where Virtual Photo Mosaic comes into play. Herein, we outline 10 creative ways a digital mosaic can positively impact your virtual event.

A digital photo mosaic of a semi-truck on the road for

10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Event Using Digital Photo Mosaic

#1 Turn Your Digital Mosaic Into An Icebreaker

Firstly, make your mosaic part of the registration process and get your attendees jazzed up from day one. Ask an icebreaker question so participants can get to know each other while simultaneously ramping up the vibe of your event.

#2 Embed a Mosaic Online as Part of Your Event Website

One strategy to improve marketing efforts is to develop a “uniquely branded website.” Embed a digital photo mosaic on your website and strengthen your brand identity. It is ideal to keep your audience on your website by embedding the mosaic on your homepage.

#3 Ask a Question & Spark a Conversation

A mosaic online is designed with a customizable form where you get to pick the question. Asking attendees a relevant question helps them play an active role in the virtual event rather than taking a passive one. Build excitement from the beginning and drastically improve the quality of your event from every angle. Brand the digital photo mosaic to be your own by selecting your marketing assets and decide which question or questions to ask attendees.

#4 Allow Your Guests to Easily Interact

A digital photo mosaic is designed so attendees can easily interact with each other. This heightens the sense of community surrounding an event. A digital mosaic also serves as a resource for the open exchange of ideas and information.

#5 Include a Game as Part of Your Digital Photo Mosaic

One powerful method your audience’s attention is to involve them in the creation of the event itself. Make your event interactive and experiential to help keep your audience engaged and avoid any potential boredom. A mosaic online can easily be transformed into a scavenger hunt or trivia game. This gives your guests something to collaborate on, further heightening your event’s sense of community. Customize trivia with random questions or opt to use industry specific ones. The trivia game or scavenger hunt can either be presented as a live or real-time experience. Photo or video challenges can also be used to further enhance the experience.

#6 Create a Photo Contest

Enhance your virtual event experience by including a top viewed, voted, liked or shared photo contests or find photo contest. Tie this content to social media sharing options for a chance to help make the Mosaic Masterpiece to go viral. Then give your participants a chance to win a prize.

#7 Offer An Incentive

Get registrants to show up for the event by offering some type of giveaway. Award cash or a chance to win other prizes and tie it to your photo contest or scavenger hunt. An immediate giveaway such as digital gift cards will further heighten the buzz surrounding the event itself.

#8 Provide a Personal Touch

Send personalized messages to your attendees asking them to upload their photo to the mosaic or thanking them post event. Videos can also be created showing their photo’s place within the mosaic. Send a personalized follow-up email post event to your participants thanking them for participating.

#9 Deliver a Thrilling Spectacle with a Mosaic Online

It’s no secret that content is king. Therefore, the goal should always be to create the most compelling content possible. Use dynamic pop in and pop out animation to catch your viewer’s attention. Or opt to present your mosaic as a full on virtual experience replete with videos, animations, and slideshows showcasing your contributors. Powerfully bring your narrative to life or further personalize this experience by adding music, a voice-over, or any other type of sound.

#10 Easily Integrate Sponsorship Activations

Sponsorships are one of the strongest revenue streams for virtual events. As virtual sponsorships become increasingly commonplace, we seek to find new integration opportunities. Turn the registration process into a sponsored mosaic using the sponsor’s assets and branding. Otherwise, opt to turn your breakout session or waiting room into an interactive branded mosaic.

Why Digital Photo Mosaic Improves Virtual Events

In 2020, the pivot from in-person to virtual events has been rapid and intense. As we look towards the future of virtual events, digital photo mosaic provides a vital marketing tool to keep in your toolbox. With a wide variety of possible uses, a branded digital mosaic makes your event a more engaging and exciting experience for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in learning how Keshot can support your next virtual event with a compelling and innovative digital photo mosaic, contact us today!