Keep Your Virtual Audience Engaged with Keshot’s Virtual Photo Mosaic

For many years, corporations have relied heavily on experiential events, conferences, and trade shows to get their products and services in the hands of potential customers. These live events have also provided a wealth of business networking opportunities to those in attendance. However, with most events taking place virtually these days, or at least a virtual/in-person event hybrid, many professionals logging into events are yearning for engagement and networking opportunities with others in attendance. But how can you do this virtually? Most of us can attest to how very easy it is to get bored or distracted when attending events online. How often do you log into a virtual event or watch a webinar, and then end up doing something else? Keshot’s Virtual Photo Mosaics offer various solutions and options that will not only keep your guests engaged, but also provide opportunities to network in fun and unique ways.

First off….what is a virtual photo mosaic?

A virtual photo mosaic consists of any number of digital photographs arranged in a way that creates a larger picture. In the context of an event, this bigger image can be anything that pertains to a specific brand–such as a logo, mascot, or product. It is entirely up to you to pick the image that best represents your event or company.

Check out our video below:

What audience engagement options does Keshot’s virtual photo mosaic provide?

  • Uploading Images 

    • Keshot’s virtual photo mosaic is fully customizable using backgrounds, props, GIFs, and AI background removal and can include up to 40,000 images that are uploaded by users and event attendees. These can be screen shots or images from your personal library that you would want to share. The mosaic can be live streamed on any conference platform, website, or even unveiled at a certain point during a virtual event.  
  • Creating a Virtual Networking Room

    • This allows you to add different activities or topics to get people chatting and communicating with one another.  For example, you can create fun costume contests, virtual wine or food tastings, virtual or physical scavenger hunt, etc. and post images accordingly.
  • Embedding Videos 

    • Keynote speakers and event organizers can include videos to engage specific topics during the event, etc.  This breaks up the programming and creates excitement. 
  • Sharing on Social Media

    • Attendees can easily share their feedback or takeaways via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or custom URL. When someone who sees the mosaic clicks on the picture, it will show an animation that reveals the photo’s location within the mosaic. Don’t worry about unwanted content, as Keshot’s easy moderation flow allows you to review and approve each picture before it ends up in your mosaic. 
  • Searching the Photo Mosaic 

    • Visitors have the option of searching by a contributor’s first name, last name, or email address and then direct them to their specific photo in the mosaic where they can connect with one another.  In addition, attendees can browse the images in the mosaic, clicking on each individual picture to reveal the information on the user that submitted it. The content uploaded by the user is also completely customizable and allows for creativity. 
  • Networking in a Safe Space 

    • Attendees have the unique ability to opt in to networking features and can choose to communicate, provide additional contact information for follow up, or even block other users if necessary.
      • i.e. The user could get a prompt such as: “David Smith – VP of Business Development with OSA wants to connect with you about a possible partnership.  Please reply “OK” to open communication or reply “NO” to block this user.”

After the event, all contributors and guests that submit images will receive an email with a personalized video that displays their photo merging inside the mosaic. These videos are optimized to share on Instagram or any other social media platforms. 

With all of the customization capabilities, the options are endless and limited only by your creativity. You imagine it, and Keshot can make it happen. Message us today on how to achieve high levels of engagement at your next virtual event that will make your guests happy and excited to stay tuned in. 

Find out more about how we can customize a Virtual Photo Mosaic for you,  contact us at 702-819-9618 today.