Digital photo booth rental for data collection

Digital Photo Booth Rental for Data Collection

Some people may think that photo booths are just a fun element to a party and that’s the end. From a business perspective, this is something that can help your lead generation tremendously. With a digital photo booth rental, it’s possible to gather valuable data about your guests.

1. Email addresses

In order for guests to access your photo booth, have them enter their email. This will build your email list, which is an address book full of possible people who may need your company’s services/products at a later date. Send out an email blast from your event guest list and you can lend your services/products to someone who needs them!

2. Demographics

Your guests will have fun snapping photos of themselves and posting them on social media with your portable photo kiosk. Meanwhile, you’re gathering data that can help your business flourish. Out of all of the photos your guests will be taking, you?ll be able to access those photos to learn information about the demographics of your target audience.

3. Platform Usage

Do you ever wonder which social media platform is the one to allocate the most of your marketing efforts towards? With a digital photo booth rental, you?ll be able to acquire the relevant data to compare which social media platform is being used most by your guests and ultimately your target audience. Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? You?ll have access to these answers following the event!
But you may be wondering how you can access email addresses and other information. All of our clients receive a personal login and password to a secure and private section of our website to retrieve a database of emails that can be viewed and downloaded at any time. Any data collected is shared only with the company that rents the portable photo kiosk for an event.