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Custom animated photo mosaic videos with a mobile



Create Connect and inspire your audience with a truly remarkable video experience and user generated content

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Virtual Events

Invite your guests from across the world to connect through community at your next event.

Hybrid Events

Make both in-person and virtual guests feel included in your brand experience.

On Site Events

Engage your guests with interactive opportunities that connect them to something bigger.

It’s Time To

Level-Up Your Event Video

Every business wants to hold the event people talk about for years to come.
But it’s difficult to incorporate video in a unique and engaging way.

Wow Your Audience
with an Epic
Video Experience

Elevate Your Brand

Engage your audience with custom custom animated photo mosaic videos

Photo mosaic video

Ready to take your virtual event to the next level?

We’ve taken our classic photo mosaics one step further to create custom animation videos.

With each video, you’ll have the opportunity to spotlight individual audience members…all while bringing them together as one community, led by your brand’s vision.

Whether you’re hosting a recognition ceremony, awards, or graduation, our custom animation videos will engage your audience in a truly epic way.

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Remarkable Videos
Should be Easy

Keshot makes creating top-quality videos a breeze.

Choose from web streaming or HD quality, various aspect ratios, and any length of time you desire.

Then, select your images and leave the heavy lifting to us!

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Remarkable videos

Here’s How It Works

Create custom videos, select photos

Select the photos or
submissions you want to include.

Custom animation

Watch your selections come to
life in a custom animation video.

Display custom animated photo mosaic videos in your event

Display during your virtual event
or send as a recap.

Say goodbye to boring events

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Inspire Your Audience

Boost brand awareness and loyalty at your in-person event

Custom animated photo mosaic videos

Looking to stand out at your next live event?

Our team also offers custom animation videos for your in-person events!

Simply choose the photos or submissions to include in your video.

Then, watch your animation video come to life on the wall
of your event. Or, send it to your audience as a recap.

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3 Simple Steps to

Create a Remarkable Experience for Your Audience

Hold the event people will talk about for years to come

Step 1

Schedule a Demo

Tell us about your vision and we’ll
brainstorm ideas with you based on our experience and resources.

Step 2

Get a Custom Plan

We’ll send you a customized proposal that meets your needs, same day, at a great price.

Step 3

Elevate Your Brand

Drive brand advocacy using
our custom photo and
video experiences.

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Inspire your audience at your next in-person event

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Host the Event Your Brand Deserves

Don't settle for boring video or slide shows.

Instead, partner with us to stand out in an innovative and inclusive way.

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