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The Luv Machine Photo Booth

February 14, 2012
5 mins Read

It’s Valentine’s Day and it is a time to celebrate love of all kinds, including old love, friendship love, new love and potential love. In the spirit of the day, we at Keshot want to share some love with those seeking love.

Over the years, our involvement in client events requires a degree of innovation and a commitment to create a special experience. In 2011, Keshot created a very special photo booth, called the Luv Machine. Users of the photo booth were instantly matched with an ‘ideal’ potential love, right there at the event. You may have guessed a few ‘oops’ moments occurred during the event. One guest of the event was matched with her best friend’s boyfriend. Hmm, cupid never lies!

Enjoy, the Luv Machine Photo Booth. This is another video.