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Celebrating Innovation with Photo Sharing and Social Media at Events

June 8, 2012
5 mins Read

As all marketers know, being recognized for the dedicated hours of creating and building out what once was an idea into an actual booth for an event is better than chocolate fudge on a sundae. Recently, two of our clients received awards for innovative, interactive booths that included Keshot Photo Booths. Our friends at Track Marketing are the winner of 2012 Ex Award for Best Use of Social Media. And even more recently, this week, the Best Booth Award recognition awarded during E3 in Los Angeles.

Keshot Photo Booth with Pepsi @ SxSW

Both awards are celebrating the innovation, creativity and the use of photo marketing and social media at events. By using Keshot as the vehicle to connect with event attendees, seamlessly integrating the platform into the event booth, these brands pump up the level of engagement with their customers. Getting the attention of customers means taking a stand on innovation, implementing ideas using engagement platforms, like Keshot, to stand out from the crowd. We celebrate the success of our friends and their innovation. We acknowledge you for bringing to life your vision that changed the concept of ‘photo booth.’