The "Bigger Picture" In Which Every Guest Is a Part Of

  • Engage Guests in Your Virtual Event
  • Deliver Meaning and Impact
  • Create a “Bigger Picture” for Your Audience
  • Make Your Digital Experience Interactive
  • Invite Guests to Participate Remotely
  • Collect Leads and Feedback
  • Have Your Guests Share on Social Media

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  • Choose your Photo Mosaic masterpiece. (Your Final Images)
  • Guests upload text with their photo, which can be a personal response to the theme of your “bigger picture”
  • You can approve or decline each image or comment
  • Each picture uploaded is transformed into a Mosaic tile, accumulating to your Mosaic Masterpiece
  • Guests receive an email showing their image in the mosaic
  • At the end of the virtual event, anyone can click on the individual photos within the Mosaic masterpiece and read the personal responses to the question you posed!
  • We create a custom URL for everyone to view the final mosaic

For your guests, it’s as easy as 1,2,3...

Guests Enter Info
and Upload The Photo


  • Custom Mosaic Size Options
  • Photo Upload Form with Questions for Your Guests
  • Photo Overlay Applied with Picture Upload
  • Create Virtual Events (Event/Graduation Mode) Sharing Guests Contribution to the Mosaic
  • Personalized Videos for Guests to Share on Social Media
  • Mosaic Embedded on Your Website
  • Mosaic HTML with Guests Contribution to Keep Forever
  • High Resolution Mosaic Picture
  • Admin Panel to Approve or Reject images
  • Email Updates to Mosaic Contributors on Approval
  • Live Digital Photo Mosaic – Hosted for 1 Year
  • In-House Engineering Team
  • We Take Care of Everything – 24/7 Support
  • White Label Capabilities


Custom Package

  • Custom Mosaic Sizes
  • Multiple Upload Channels
  • Mosaic Welcome Message
  • Photo Upload Form With Custom Fields
  • Custom Messaging to Contributors
  • Contributor Email Validation
  • Overlay Applied with Picture Upload
  • Picture Moderation
  • Mosaic Photo Search Button
  • Email Fencing
  • Embed Mosaic on External Website
  • High Resolution Mosaic Picture
  • User Data Collection
  • White Label Option

Standard Package

  • Sizes: 195, 405, 768 & 1200 Photos
  • Single Upload Channel
  • Mosaic Welcome Message
  • Picture Moderation
  • Mosaic Photo Search Button
  • User Data Collection


  • Personalized Videos for Social Media Sharing
  • AI Green Screen
  • Photo Filters
  • Mosaic HTML with Guests Contribution to Keep
  • Custom Picture, Name & Message Slideshow
  • Physical Mosaic Printouts