Add an element of fun and excitement to your next event; whether you’re hosting a launch party, trade show, convention, or business networking get-together in Florida, Keshot’s photo booth rental in Miami is the perfect way to entertain your guests while you showcase your company’s brand! Add an element of fun and excitement to your next event; whether you’re hosting a launch party, trade show, convention, or business networking get-together in Florida, Keshot’s photo booth rental in Miami is the perfect way to entertain your guests while you showcase your company’s brand!

With a wide selection of features, your invitees will have a blast taking selfies.

Your Keshot Miami photo booth rental includes:

  • Animated GIF photos
  • Real-time photo collages
  • Videos
  • Virtual costumes
  • And more!

With Keshot’s Miami photo booth rental, you’ll discover exactly how easy and fast it is to expose your brand worldwide. After your guests take selfies using one of our Keshot photo booths, they’ll upload and share those pictures online to various social media platforms. This is a great, seamless, way to create buzz for your business!

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Photo Booth Basics

This article provides an overview of the basic photo booth elements and their functions. There is a great deal of variation between the different types of booths discussed in Chapter one and each type has many attributes to be customized. However, with the exception of true antique vintage booths, which may rely on film and chemicals, pretty much all booths consist of the following components. If you are planning to purchase a pre-constructed booth or kit, many of these items may already be included. Otherwise, if you are building your booth from scratch, or assembling one and customizing it, you will need to give careful thought as to what type of equipment to deploy.

Physical Structure

The Physical Structure is what makes the booth a booth. In the case of a Vintage or Hard Case booth, this may be a single unit that gets wheeled in and out of the venue or a set of modular walls, which can be broken down and reassembled onsite. In a Pipe and Drape setup, this would include the bases, poles, connectors, and drapes. The one booth variety that may not have any physical structure is an Open Booth, although these usually include at least a table and possibly a back-drop. This topic is discussed in greater detail in chapter 5, including some detailed designs and comparisons of each type.


The camera is arguably the most important element of the photo booth, as this is the device that actually captures people’s photos. There are basically three types of cameras, which are commonly utilized by photo booths today. We discuss each type below and then discuss the major factors you should consider when selecting the best camera for you.


DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) cameras are high-end professional cameras, which generally use interchangeable lenses. These cameras are capable of producing extraordinary photos; however, they are generally the most expensive camera option and they are also generally the most complex to configure and use. When considering this option for use in a photo booth you should be aware that the lenses are often sold separately from the camera body, and you will likely need to purchase add-on accessories to make it work.

Prosumer-Grade Point and Shoot

The term “prosumer” refers to cameras that are somewhere in the middle between professional grade and consumer grade in quality. This group includes cameras such as the Canon Powershot series, the Nikon COOLPIX series or the Panasonic Lumix Compact series. These cameras typically do not match the quality of a DSLR camera, but with proper lighting and the right setup, they can produce photos that are actually quite good. These cameras are not cheap but are less expensive than their DSLR big brothers, and they are generally less complex and easier to use.

Web Cam

Web Cams are cameras that are designed to be connected to a computer, primarily for applications such as video chat or online gaming. These cameras are generally quite inexpensive and typically produce relatively low-quality images. They do however have some advantages when used in a photo booth setting because of the fact that they are designed primarily to integrate with a computer. These cameras may be easier to setup and work better with some photo booth software applications than DSLRs or prosumer-grade Point and Shoot cameras.

Here are some factors to consider when making your decision for a Photo Booth Rental in Miami:

Picture Quality

The type of camera you choose will have a significant impact on the quality of your pictures. Obviously, people want the highest quality possible, but the fact of the matter is many photo booths today operate with relatively inexpensive cameras and as a result, some produce somewhat mediocre quality photos. For many photo booth rental businesses, this is acceptable. Keep in mind that the photos on the printouts are usually quite small (usually 2 inches by 6-inch strips), and many patrons are going into the photo booth just to have fun, not necessarily to get phenomenal quality pictures.

It really comes down to a business decision, which you must carefully weigh. If you are marketing your services at the high end of the price spectrum for your area, and/or branding your company as a “high quality” or “Premier” photo booth, then it may be justified to invest the money in a professional-grade DSLR camera. On the other hand, if you are in the low to medium price range, and perhaps branding yourself as the “fun” or “whacky” photo booth, then it may make more business sense to buy a “prosumer” grade camera or even a webcam.

Video Capabilities

Many photo booths today offer the option to record short video messages, which get burned to a DVD for the host or posted to the Internet. As of the writing of this book, the jury is out as to whether this feature will be just another passing fad or an absolute must have. However, if this is something you would like to include as one of your services, make sure that the camera you select supports video.


DSLR cameras are designed for professional photographers, and often include hundreds of advanced features and settings. Some prosumer-grade Point and Shoot cameras are similarly complex. When used in a photo booth, chances are the majority of these features will not be applicable, and may, in fact, become an inconvenience. There is a high learning curve to understand what all of the settings do, and you may find yourself in a jam if you accidentally press a wrong button and the camera begins acting funny at an event. When selecting a camera, it is important to evaluate the complexity of the device and think about how difficult it may be to operate. If you don’t feel comfortable with high-tech gadgets, advanced menus and settings, and so on, you may want to avoid DSLRs or some of the more advanced Point and Shoots.

Size Constraints

The size of the camera may be important if you will be mounting the camera within an enclosure or in a confined space. Make sure that the camera is not too big or too heavy for the setup. DSLR cameras can be relatively large, Prosumer Point and Shoots are typically somewhat smaller and webcams are usually compact. Think about the design of your booth, how and where the camera will be set up, and make sure that the camera will fit and is properly mounted to be secure and sturdy.

USB Support

In most photo booth setups, the camera will need to be connected to a computer to interact with the photo booth software. Typically, this will be via a USB connection. When selecting a camera, make sure that the camera has a USB output and is capable of being connected to a computer. Also, check to make sure that your operating system is supported.

Power Supply

Most DSLR and Prosumer Point and Shoot Cameras are designed to run primarily off of battery power. Depending on the type and size of the battery pack, and the rate at which photographs are taken, most of these cameras can operate for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. In a busy photo booth setting, the camera and flash will be working constantly and using a significant amount of energy. If the camera is operating off of a battery pack, the power will become drained quite quickly. Instead, it is highly recommended that you use AC power. Not all cameras have AC power support, and others require the AC adapter to be purchased separately. Make sure that the camera you purchase has the ability to plugged-in, and if the adapter is not included, make sure to you can find one before buying the camera.

Software Support – It is important to make sure that the camera you purchase is compatible with your computer and photo booth software (and vice versa). Most photo booth software vendors provide a list of supported cameras. You may also want to perform a quick Internet search on the specific camera model and software application and possibly check in forums to see if anyone has reported bugs or performance problems with a given combination.

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